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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4.1.0 - Whatcha Need to Know.

Alto rhymes? Don't quit your day job...

Finally. 4.1.0. It's here. Was it worth the wait? I am still wondering. There have been quite a few changes, and others that, although expected, haven't hit home just yet.

Of course there is the Obsidium Shuffle, or Obsidium Le Soufflet as we might as well call it. The vendor prices took a significant loss, 9g to 5g. So what we knew as a 45g floor is now a 30g baseline.

Those that read and keep tract of my blog know that I follow my 6/36 rule. If your Hypnotic Dust is 6g, and your Greater Celestial Essence is 36g, you are sitting on a near "break even" profit with purchasing the ore at 50g per stack (that includes the price of the Jeweler's Settings). So invest accordingly.

Did you go and get your Panther Cub yet? There is a bit of a questline in STV (Some good will come is the name of it) that allows you to get a nice little companion pet, make sure you take some time and visit "down south". Who doesn't like questing? Ok, you got me. This guy. But for a pet, I am down.

Speaking of pets, did you buy your Winterspring Cub yet? The "pet" vendor in Everlook, Michelle DeRum, sells one of these cute little pets for 50g. Check your AH, and getcha some sales!

Did you all take my advice? All of my previous 4.1 posts are bearing nature right now:

"Blue Gems" and the Upcoming Patch 4.1.0

Archaelogy Updates and AH Tank Sales

Yeah, Alto is posting on the Obsidium Shuffle

4.1.0 Jewelcrafting Recipe: The Punisher's Band

If you haven't checked them out, click away. Some good reads covering what we are running into now. Oh, and don't forget the 4.1 Rare Mobs with the "better" gear droprates. Who needs an addon when you have Alto to find em for you? Shh. Don't answer that...

The 4.1.0 Rare Mob List/Locations/Screenies

Alto! What about the rares? Did you get your drop? Yeah, you all are gonna hate me for this, but I didn't even get out to hit up Poseidus for the mount....

You want a few more hits on 4.1.0? Okay. Here's a few other things I am doing:

With the “Call to Arms” in full swing (basically for Tanks and Priests), you will see the flasks and pots fly off the AH. Don’t forget your buff food as well.

Keep an eye on your “cut” blue gems. These will be a hot seller for some time. Depending on your server, you will see and influx of Inferno Rubies, Demonseye and Ember Topaz selling in quantities. Make sure you have them posted, as if they sit in your bags or bank, so will your gold.

Keep those pets up in the AH. There are added Achievements in this patch, and folks will be looking for the more “rare” companions. This is where you come in. Whether they are old school Lil’ Smoky or the newer Personal World Destroyer, get em up to sell!

With the new iLvl “recruitment” for the ZA and ZG, folks will still be needing your crafted PvP gear. Now the sales aren’t gonna make you a millionaire, they will supply you with some income for the near future.

Check out your prices on enchants. With the new gear comes the need for Enchants. Make sure that you utilize your “old school” Wrath enchants, as they will continue to have a need and a want at your local auction house.

If you read around the blogsosphere lately, you might know I am in the middle of a few projects here and there....I have been working on getting my .com going (sneak peek here on my guide page), just updated a great guide for 20K (as well as my own) and countless other things behind the scenes (you will hear about them soon enough!). Speaking of Alto's Guide, did you get your Achievement?

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for my RSS feed (posts available in your email- easy to read for mobile users or you ipad'ians)


Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Did you do a post on the GCEs at 36g and Hypnotic at 6g making the ore floor 50g? I'd like to understand the formula better. I haven't been able to get my arms around it b/c the DE stats on crafted 278+ items seem so random.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

The way I figured it was:

Carnelian D/E'd: 1.8 GCE and 1 Dust
Others (baseline): 1.6 LCE and 2.8 Dust

It was done at the beginning of Cata release, and that was the "floor" that I have used since for D/E'ing using the shuffle. This factors in zero procs of blues. As you know, I always lowball my estimates (but those numbers were based off 100 of each craft- more rounded information).

So you are right, it's random. But those numbers have worked for me. Once again, not "exact", but they provide me a baseline (and I haven't lost using them yet!)

Hope that explains a bit better!

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks! Yes, that helps. I'm assuming you are DE'ing all the Carnelian Spikes and the common rings/necks. Blue procs are just gravy I suppose.

Does this break even assume any value for the Zephyrite? Does it make a difference selling raw vs. old cut and vendor at 9g?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nope, it doesn't count in the vendored Zephrite (freebie profits). I forgot to mention that part. Dammit Alto!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

But yeah, crafting everything I can. I believe that 6/36 ends up at like 49ish gold.

Just remember, that is if you do that with everything, not just carnelian, not jasper and hessonite, all of em....but zephrite. And you are right, blues are just profits.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I went to vendor a cut Gem and discovered it was priced at 90s last night. However, the uncut Jasper I could sell to the vendor for 10g? Is that a glitch?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nope, thats added in the patch. The cuts are either 75s or 90s, and the uncut greens are 5g. You are spot on.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

One interesting thing regarding the "new Shuffle":
While the old vendor price guaranteed 9g per cut gem, the "new" one for 5g is providing an incredibly fast method to make gold.
I ended up selling a few left-over stacks of uncut gems and made a few thousand gold in seconds, as opposed to 30-45min for the cut and vendor procedure.
Still I've got to prospect them, but that's okay for me.

Now it's a matter of calculating the gold/h, but I believe it's coming out close to what we had before... Am I wrong?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Actually Vayaz, I never really look at the GpH when shuffling (I only do that on farming). I guess since I would rarely just "sit" in front of the 'puter through the whole process, so I guess I just based it off profit and not time.

For the GpH, I think you are right, and wrong. Depending of course what shuffle you are doing. If it's cutting and vendoring, you know you are losing almost half your gold (from the 9g) and little time to cut them, as you would still vendor (or use an addon like QuickVendor).

If it's crafting, AH'in the blues, vendoring the zephrites, and D/E'ing the rest, it wouldn't be too bad of a hit, although the "free vendor" gold would now be less (with minimal time saved).

So I guess it's all about what way you shuffle, if you use addons, if you use a G15 or clicker, and how you decide to time yourself (if you are doing something else at the same time).

You really got me thinking now...

Geste said... Reply To This Comment

Even though this post is a few days old, has anyone had any luck selling the Punisher's Band? I have been the only person in the AH selling this (and for a mere 5.5k), but there have been no takers. I am starting to wonder if people even know it exists.

Any thoughts?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I have sold two of them, and yes, I did bark about them at 5:45p and 6:45p server times (due to pre raid). One sold in chat, one sold on AH, 14.5K and 11.5K respectively.

Since then, I got one new competitor and have sold none. I haven't barked since, but I will on Tues evening before raid resets for more sales.

Don't forget to mention in your bark that it's currently BiS....that will help. Hope that helps, and good luck!

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