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Monday, May 16, 2011

Alto's Got Himself Crabs?! One Stop Pet Shop for Warcraft Pets!

Well, I shouldn't say "crabs", as I have only one.... This post is going to cover a great website with all the info you need to know about pets in WoW, for money or for Achievements. Although some may know about this site, those that don'e really need to check them out. This week, I will also be covering a great spot to find mounts as keep an eye out! Now, back to what you came for.....

With my luck lately farming up the Formula: Crusader, I went to Terrokar Forest to fish up a PITA (pain in the ass) that has plagued me for some time. The dreaded and infamous Mr. Pinchy.

Five Highland Mixed Pools later, I got him. Now I didn't factor in back in BC how many times I tried fishing him up (probably in the mid to upper 500 times), but if you are feeling lucky, and want to check it out, let's roll. Not sure if there was a change to the droprate since 4.1.0, or if there was just a hotfix to Alto's droprates, but either way, it just seemed a bit too easy....

Fly to Terokkar Forest, there is a little spot in the lower right side of the map labeled "Terokk's Rest" (you can see the coords above, 67.8, 79.7). There are around 10'ish pools that spawn there, and basically when you start at one side, just hit the circle and by the time you get em all, the first ones are starting to respawn.

So after my tremendous luck there, I went to an old website that I used to venture to search a bit. The site that I am hitting on is WarcraftPets. The absolute only location you need for any pet in the wonderful game of WoW. Now what I mean by "any pet", is just....well.....see for yourself. In the pic below, there is a great search tab if you want to resell, farm, search by dropped, quested, or Blizz bought. Faction search? Yeah, it's there. Rarity? That too. They have em all, big and small.

Ok, ok. You don't want an ugly pet. I feel your pain. You want to see what is available.

Well, the folks at WarcraftPets got you covered...there is a "new" pet page that you can venture to. Wondering what "popped" in 4.1?  The Screenie to the left is the 4.1 page, and with a bit of searching there, you can see the same thing.

Now the last time I saw this site, it was nothing like it is now. Very easy to use, very easy to find great info on what you are looking for.

They even have added an addon section for anything from PetsPlus to BunnyHunter (which shows you how many times you looted "X" mob to get your drop- it's kinda like looking at your /played on your main....scary).

Instead of a "BoW WoW" post, I am going through some of my favorites lists this week and sharing with you some great websites that cover some great schtuff. Like I mentioned above, I will cover another favorite site of mine for mount hunting later this week. Now go getcha Crabs already!


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