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Monday, June 25, 2012

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.3 Act 2 Farming Spot "Not Nerfed"

So you say you need Nephalem Vapor stacks to farm properly? Sure you don't. Of course you can roll with farming Act 1 over and over and get your junk items with a slow "rng" and maybe, just maybe get one decent drop per hour, or you can do quick farms of a dual location, get nearly the same loot table, and not run around for two hours....just a quick 10 minute run at a time.

My favorite farm at the moment is a slight adjustment of this video:

Here is the steps for this quick run:

Act II- Blood and Sand

Start with "Path to the Oasis"
See the little pothole to the left? Yeah. That's the "Ruined Cistern" cave. Go there. Inside, you will see two to three sets of champions as well as about a 30% or so chance of a treasure goblin inside. Boom, Bam, Done. Knock them out, only takes about 5 minutes.

Now, Hit up what the video shows with the "Road to Alcarnus" and getcha another Goblin. Boom, Bam, Done. What's that? You didn't watch the video? Okay. Take the waypoint, clear out the tiny little circle of mobs around the little blue circle, and if you don't see a Goblin, logout, rinse/repeat.

That's the farm route. A couple Vapor stacks and two goblins (well, most runs I get one, and I would say about one in three will get you both). Make sure you are looking out for fortune shrines as they give a little boost to drops, and depending on your DPS and gearing/toon, you might be able to run this route in full Magic Find Gear and rock the house....Auction House that is.

Sure, you can run around and farm up 5 stacks, hit champ packs over and over for hours on end, or do this run in less than 10 minutes. Time is money friend, and using this little farm, you need less time to getcha goldies!



Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

i like it, not so bored and 1 or 2 stack of NV not bad

Good Tut said... Reply To This Comment

LMAO, I love the writing up of this post. Boom, Bam, Done. What's that? You didn't watch the video?

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