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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alto's Transmog Shopping Lists Using Auctionator

With Mogging being such a popular flip since the release of Patch 4.3, I figure that it is about time to share my Shopping Lists for Transmogrification.

Although I would like to claim my complete list, I cannot. I would like to give props to both The Mogfather and Twitchie for opening my eyes to a few I didn't have but are now included below (both can be found on twitter by clicking their name- be sure to follow them!).

For most of you, just scroll down to the bottom of the page for the lists. For the others, I tossed a quick how to on setting up your SLs (Shopping Lists). And no, it's not complicated. If I can do it, so can you!

First, go to your "Buy" tab on Auctionator, then you will see a "Manage Shopping List" tab. Click on that...

Now, you need to create a "New Shopping List" by clicking "New"

Now you need to name it...fill the name into the box and click Accept:

Now, click on the new List you created, and click the "Import" button:

You should now see a big open box (easy, huh?):

Now, go back to this post, and highlight the first group (Transmog Gear1) by left clicking and dragging down to the bottom of the list, then hit Crtl and C (same time) on your keyboard. You just copied it....Now, slide back to your WoW window, make sure your cursor is in the box, and hit Crtl and V (same time). You just pasted. It should look like this:

Done. That's it! Well, other than doing the process a few times for the other "lists". Just repeat the steps, and you will be golden. Literally...

Now when you want to do your search for these, you can just click the drop-down on the left side of the screen (while in the buy tab), highlight the "list" you want, and click the Search For All Items...

Now you will have to pick and choose, but if there isn't moggers on your server, you should be able to pick up quite a few for nickles and dimes (5-10g). Don't fret if you don't find anything listed below 300g. Folks leveling don't realize the mogging prices yet, and you might be able to snatch up in between. Note the "might". Now let's talk lists:

By far, my top producers in Gear are simple searches for:

Robe (Normally quite a few, search through using MogIt)
Conqueror (high selling set- cuz it's gold?!)
Lord (grabs Warlords, Lord's and Overlord's)
Blood (grabs Bloodsplattered, Bloodwoven, Bloodscale, Bloodfist, Murkblood, Blood Knight, and Bloodthirsty)
Champion (grabs Champion's, and weapons with "of the Champion"
Crusader (well, it grabs Crusader)

So if you don't use addons, or just don't want to spend two minutes to set this up, you are safe searching that way....

One thing that I like about using this method is it gives you a quick, birds eye glance on what the market is, and Auctionator lists from lowest price to highest, so it is fairly easy to judge what you are buying at what price. I am not stating this way is perfect, but it seems to work hella good for me!

Let's hit up the shopping lists now....

*** Transmog Gear1
Black Dragon Mail
Blood Knight

*** Transmog Gear2
Golden Scale

As for weapons, since the list is near 10 times shorter on availability, I manually scan through whats for sale Uncommon and up, and just mouse-over using the MogIt addon. If it's big, if it doesn't look like the others, or if it's colorful, I buy it. Below I have listed basically all the Rare and Epics, as I am currently working on the "greens" list. 

*** Transmog Weapon1
Abomination Cleaver
Arcanite Reaper
Assassination Blade
Avool's Sword of Jin
Axe of Rin'ji
Banner Slicer
Blade of Hanna
Blade of the Titans
Blade of Wizardry
Blazing Rapier
Dark Iron Reaver
Driftwood Club
Elementium Poleaxe
Elementium Shank
Fel Edged Battleaxe
Felsteel Longblade
Felsteel Reaper
Maldo's Sword Cane
Massacre Sword
Notched Cobalt

*** Transmog Weapon2
Phantom Blade
Razor Axe
Savage Cobalt
Singing Crystal
Soul Blade
Speedsteel Rapier
Teebu's Blazing
The Butcher
Unknown Archaeologist's

You have now learned how to buy these transmog items quicker, within the next post I will be covering another mogging "how-to", setting up TSM for quick posting of your mogging items. This will assist you with selling them quicker and easier! See ya then!


If you have any questions, if I missed something, or if you have items that are working great on your server that I haven't covered, by all means, leave a comment!

NEWLY ADDED 1/19/12:

I have been utilizing Chest, Vest, and Breast to pull up searches lately. So feel free to add them to the list! 

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GrayzBDF said... Reply To This Comment

Very nice! Now I know how to backup my lists super fast and easy too. Keep it up Alto! (+Twitchie and of course, The Don himself, Mogfather Keel)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the lists!

By the way, not to advertise on your blog or anything, but on the consortium there is a way to change your settings so you can have all the items in one group.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Grayz, I appreciate it!


No, that's a great link! I wasn't aware of being able to change the count...I am in such a habit of making my Shopping Lists small, it's nice to know there is an option to change them!

Thanks again!


iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

First off great collection of lists here Alto. TY!

Typo: Abonination Cleaver should probably be Abomination Cleaver

Daimyoh said... Reply To This Comment

Nice, so now people no longer have to do anything themselves to be able to make money off transmog.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


That is probably why I never picked up one of them, huh? lol.


Oh, it gets better. With the TSM list, it's just as quick to post them as it is posting glyphs. Less work, more pay! =)


Twitchie said... Reply To This Comment

Fantastic guide to importing and using shopping lists in Auctionator.

The first thing I noticed when using the lists I made derived from Keel's work was the massive differences between servers. On my server, I can barely find anything on the mail / plate lists. I've managed to snap a few up, and it will be interesting to see how quickly I can turn them around.

On Lightbringer-US, there's soooo much stuff! Unfortunately since and Keel are also on Lightbringer, the gear is pretty locked down, and nicely sorted into price tiers for the transmog consumer. Even so, it's great to have lists ready to go to pick up new bargains as they hit the AH.

Unfortunately both Auctionator and TSM don't deal particularly well with posting random enchant items. Neither addon can (currently) compare the particular item to everything else with the same item ID. I had a quick look in the .lua file for TSM, and there is a variable that specifies the enchant (e.g., -45 = "of the Boar"). I tried the obvious solution of removing it, but then TSM wasn't able to post my item, so modifying those addons to compare randomly enchanted items against each other might take a bit of work.

Twitchie said... Reply To This Comment

A small correction.

Blintstrike should be Blinkstrike

t > k


Twitchie the Gnome Warlock

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome lists! Hopefully your experience can help me utilise them better - wide searches using these terms without the modifier armor/weapon bring up multiple excess items to troll through. Although the guide shows the basic import, trouble shooting "when imports fail" or an explaination of how to the use the modifiers would be awesome. Although I've tried to find information on these terms I've had no luck so far and when importing lists from elsewhere (eg Twitchie's and others) - who use the format Armor/plate/"sexy items" I get "none available" even tho a manual search finds items meeting the criteria.

Any help greatly appreciated!
(Elpaco Greymane)

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