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Friday, April 8, 2011

Yeah, Alto is Posting On The Obsidium Shuffle....

This is great. Really. I am glad to see this finially happened. This is what I enjoy in AH PvP. Everyone freaks out that their niche is now dead. Well, lets just say "in the hospital", not really "toe-tagged" yet. Situations like this is what seperates the men from the boys in our little PvP...

My biggest overall gold profits come from Patches/Hotfixes. And this is (and will be) one of them. While other bloggers are freaking out about the shuffle being over, I am thinking what I can do to make this a positive....

For those that are freaking out:

There is still some time to get your vendor on, and also time to find a new niche, because the "vendoring" Obsidium Shuffle is soon to be dead. Six feet under. But like a cat, the Obsidium Shuffle has nine lives. There are plenty more options to roll with....crafting, d/e'ing, selling the dust and essences and blue procs is the first that comes to mind. Making bars, selling the daily uncuts, and crafting Shadowspirits are viable sas well. See? You aren't losing the shuffle per se, but you just lost a little part of it.

A few questions and answers for ya:

"What am I going to do to make gold now?"
- If you ask this, you haven't read my blog. Go back and look at other money making niche markets. If you are lazy, then the gold game isn't for you. Do your homework, find out what profs you have, and read my previous posts, especially on diversification.....

"What am I going to do with all my stockpile?"
- Major patches don't hit till Tuesdays (for US) and Wednesdays for EU. Play it like normal till then (if you are deciding to vendor). You will want to keep stock on the daily uncuts (Zephyrite, Nightstone, and Jasper). I have restocked my Shadowspirit Diamonds (for the upcoming new gear slots) and my "blue" uncuts as well.

"The shuffle was my main source of income"
- Diversify. Feel out other markets (blacksmithing/leatherworking pvp sets, glyphs, pots/elixirs). Once again, check out some old posts and keep updated with the new ones. Subscribe to my RSS feed so my posts are at your fingertips.
This one has been a complaint for some time....

"The cost to post my daily gems is too high if they don't sell"
- Now you don't have to worry, as the AH factors in the "vendor" price. Look forward to seeing more competion on the daily Jewelcrafting uncuts in the AH (Zephyrite, Nightstone, and Jasper) on their respective "daily" days.

Enough on this topic, and here is what you read this post for:

Do you want to know my best advice? Don't leave the shuffle. It's not as bad as everyone thinks. Due to MMOChampion/Wowhead/ and others mentioning this, alot of folks are going to flat out stop doing the shuffle. So it's not profitable to vendor after 4.1. The other 8 lives [in the shuffle] will be (server dependant, please check your prices before jumping in too quickly- I will post after 4.1 hits on how-to's).


XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Alto is right I have been doing the shuffle for awhile now and after I lvled up my enchanting I have been prospecting and cutting rings and necks and then d/eing all of my items expect blues. Which I have been selling them left and right plus the dust and the essences are making killing. So Like alto said I wouldn't dump the shuffle just yet.


Bangkok Bill said... Reply To This Comment

Good post Alto. I agree that the shuffle isn't dead. IF this datamined info goes live then I think that the shuffle will become a lot more volatile and might die at times on some servers but saying it is over is a bit much.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I think the question right now is more to how do I maximize my gold while the market changes to adjust. Stopping to do the shuffle is foolish and just leaves the door open for another goblin to fill the void.

Shadowspirit Diamonds are interesting to me that you are choosing to stockpile while I am trying to agressively sell. With ore prices to be falling soon after 4.1 hits shadowspirits floor value will drop as well. I still will have a couple of each cut in case, however I don't see demand spiking quicker then the ore starts to flood the AH again.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I have a bit of a stockpile of almost everything, for when the market ebbs and flows (by stockpiling, I mean enough to keep me from buying off the AH for a day or two till the market gets back in place- A few rows of each herb, about a half tab of Blackfallow, 1/4 tab of inferno inks, and of course Pyrite).

I was down to roughly two stacks of Shadowspirits, so I got my stock back up to around 1/4 tab, as that keeps a good stock on hand. It might not be viable for some folks, but it works for me. =)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

What do you think?
Less shuffling = fewer rare gems, increasing price?
Is it worth to stockpile?
Will the ore prices and shadowspirits prices raise, sink or stay equal?

Brent said... Reply To This Comment

Aeg...I agree with you. Cheap ore will mean cheaper shadowspirits. I only keep enough to sell for the week which I suspect will only end up being a couple of stacks. Just too much competition in the market. I have been depleting my gem stockpile for some time.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I still think people will be doing shuffling, I know that the vendor price won't affect me...I am still keeping a stockpile of rare gems for transmutes, for 4.1 new gear (will need to be gemmed) and for overall flavor from shuffling...

Ore will end up dropping, but I don't see a huge drop right off the bat. Maybe if you are used to seeing 50g, it might drop to 30g. Although it might be near 50%, I wouldn't worry too much.

Shadowspirits have been a semi volatile market through most servers, there will be a slight downfall, but it wont be nickle and dimes...IMO.

Hope that answers your questions!

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