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Friday, October 19, 2012

MoP Pet Battles- Addons, Macros, Battle Tamers, Rares, Guides and Powerleving

If you are getting the 'bug' for Pet Battles, then I am confident that you are also trying to get some of the more rare Pets that are out there. Good! So am I!

The feedback I am getting so far is pet battles are a good time waster and a nice getaway from the usual gold grind, rep grind, leveling grind, etc, etc, etc....And for this, I agree. I never played pokemon, or really any other 'battle' style game similar to this, and my only disappointment with this is not being able to sell our "captured" pets on the AH. Yet. So I am currently stockpiling 'wild' rares and holding onto them. Blizzard states they have a metric shitton (okay, not quoting here, but that's the gist) of pet battle changes coming in later patches... =)

So this post is directed at everyone that is looking for the best information on pets on the web. I have read quite a bit, and have been to many sites to compile as much as possible. Here are my favorite sites that are bookmarked:


(To getcha Achievement!)




Not sure about this link, or where it came from (was on favorites tab) but there is a huge list that someone put alot of time into:


No, not the blue rare you are thinking. These are pets that are rare to find and capture....if you actually get a 'rare' version of any of these 'rares', then you better go buy a lottery ticket...

Baby Ape - Stranglethorn - spawns during rain on Jaquero Island
Silithid Hatchling - Tanaris - spawns during a sandstorm at Noxious Lair
Minfernal - Felwood
Spawn of Onyxia - Dustwallow Marsh
Fel Flame - Shadowmoon Valley
Restless Shadeling - only spawns at midnight in Master's Cellar in Deadwind Pass
Flayer Youngling - border between Hellfire and Terrokar Forest
Giraffe Calf - Southern Barrens
Molten Hatchling - Searing Gorge - lava pits
Widow Spiderling - Duskwood - at night
Stone Armadillo - Desolace - evenings
Snowy Owl - Winterspring - only in winter
Qiraji Guardling - Silithus - only in summer



Right off the bat, if you haven't already, you want to set up an in game Macro for finding out the 'rarity' of your competition in wild battles:

/run hooksecurefunc("PlaySoundKitID", function(Q) if Q==31584 then for i=1,C_PetBattles.GetNumPets(2) do SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(C_PetBattles.GetName(2,i).." - ".._G["BATTLE_PET_BREED_QUALITY"..C_PetBattles.GetBreedQuality(2,i)]) end end end)

*This macro was originally seen on Warcraft Pets with credit going to Simca


Since in 5.1 most of the current addons will basically be implemented into WoW, the one that I have been currently using is PetTracker. Sure, there are alot more out there, but for now, I am only using one....

If you feel the need to use a bunch of 'em, here's the spot to check:

Well, I hope this gets you started in your Pet Battles in MoP. If there are other sites, other posts, or better information (not spam btw) than what is posted here, please link in comments below. 



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