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Alto's Gold Guide- Introduction

It took a lot of time and effort to get all this information into one easily accessible location for your gold making needs. Most of you know me as Alto from Alto’s Goldish Advice, the premier gold making blog. Others know me as the gold capped (one double gold capped- three million plus) gold guru. Whatever or whoever you know me as; I am now your professor of gold making.

 Now I know this is something for me, but it is also something for you. I hope you can understand. Please don’t display the contents within this “file” to anyone. The more people that see this the more folks know your AH tactics, the less gold you will make. Do we have a deal? Good. This guide will be your “gold bible” of sorts.

Hold onto it, don’t lose it, and keep it near. I highly recommend that you don’t just read it once and toss it in a folder somewhere, never to look at it again, as I am covering some time-honored results that you can utilize on any server; US or EU, horde or alliance, rich or poor.

If you quit playing WoW for some weird reason, and don’t have a chance to give this guide to a friend, shoot me an email and I will find a good home for your copy. The chapters will help you get started. I have divided them into a few different sections. If you are new to the gold making scene, you will want to start at Chapter I, and then work Chapter by Chapter.

Remember in school, when the teacher would tell you “Make sure you read the whole question and all the answers before you make your final decision”, well, that’s what I am telling you. Even if it doesn’t pertain to your current gold level, still read the content, and as you are moving up the gold ladder, you will have a taste of the menu of what is available to you. Deal? Ok.

This guide tells some of my “dailies” that I have done to hit the gold cap. By following this advice, you will not turn into a gold millionaire overnight. What you will do is have the knowledge and the foresight to access your Auction House, how to use your crafting professions, and how to find ways to destroy the competition in AH PvP. And remember, you do have 100% access to my blog 24/7 and I consistently update the information there on any new information pertaining to making gold in the AH. Without further ado, welcome to Alto’s Coaching Guide!

Chapter I- Addons

Chapter II- Learning the Addons

Chapter III- Using The Undermine Journal

Chapter IV- Using WoWTrader EU

Chapter V-Using AHSpy

Chapter VI- *In Process*

Chapter VII- Utilizing Auctionator and Shopping Lists

Chapter VIII- Dealing with those Undercutters- Yes, you can

Chapter IX- Profession Breakdown Hints

Chapter X- 4.2.0 Updates (still read even though outdated)

Chapter XI- 4.3.0 Updates (still read even though slightly outdated)
               a. Blacksmith/Enchanting
               b. Inscription/Jewelcrafting
               c. Leatherworking/Tailoring/Alchemy

Chapter XII- 4.3.0 Overall

With Mists of Pandaria right around the corner, there will be a significant update to this guide, and is in process right now. As always, I will be as detailed as possible without over-use and over-complication. Keep tabs on this page and my blog for further updates. 



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