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Monday, September 24, 2012

What to do first in MoP- Pandaria Rare Mobs Macro & Maps

As a part of my ongoing series of prep for MoP, I received an email about Rare Mobs (I have done quite a few posts relating to them in the past) and Macro setup in case the one of many different Rare addons do not work (Silverdragon, NPC Scan, etc).

If you are not a fan of addons or spamming macros in game, images of locations are provided for your viewing pleasure....

Jade Forest (85-86)

/target Aethis
/target Ferdinand
/target Kor'nas
/target Krax'ik
/target Mister Ferocious
/target Morgrinn Crackfang
/target Sarnak
/target Urobi
/target Martar the Not-So-Smart

Valley of the Four Winds (86-87)

/target Blackhoof
/target Bonobos
/target Jonn-Dar
/target Nal'lak the Ripper
/target Nasra Spothide
/target Salyin Warscout
/target Sele'na
/target Sulik'shor

Krasarang Wilds (86-87)

/target Arness the Scale
/target Cournith Waterstrider
/target Gaarn the Toxic
/target Go-Kan
/target Qu'nas
/target Ruun Ghostpaw
/target Spriggin
/target Torik-Ethis

Kun-Lai Summit (87-88)

/target Ahone the Wanderer
/target Borginn Darkfist
/target Havak
/target Korda Torros
/target Nessos the Oracle
/target Norlaxx the Outcast
/target Scritch
/target Ski'thik

Townlong (88-89)

/target Eshelon
/target Kah'tir
/target Lith'ik the Stalker
/target Lon the Bull
/target Norlaxx
/target Siltriss the Sharpener
/target The Yowler
/target Yul Wildpaw

Dread Wastes (89-90)

/target Ai-Li Skymirror
/target Dak the Breaker
/target Gar'lok
/target Ik-Ik the Nimble
/target Karr the Darkener
/target Krol the Blade
/target Nalash Verdantis
/target Omnis Grinlok

Vale of Eternal Blossom (90)

/target Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud
/target Kal'tik the Blight
/target Kang the Soul Thief
/target Major Nanners
/target Moldo One-Eye
/target Sahn Tidehunter
/target Urgolax
/target Yorik Sharpeye

This afternoon I will have another post going live covering my plan with my xpac goldmaker, my Gatherer. Stay tuned folks!

*All images are links from Please take a moment to visit this site!


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