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Thru 4.2 Main- Altos Free WoW Gold Guide

Be aware, this is my original guide that I used to have for sale. Since most of the information is outdated and common knowledge to most gold makers, I thought it was in the best interest to toss it out to you folks.

Now this isn't saying that I will not complete updates in the future, you can see the 4.3 Update is already considered "old" by most standards (you can see the original date on the TuJ part- March 28, 2011- Has it been a year already? WOW!) . Feel free to utilize the tools inside, but once again, the info is nearly a year old, so take it with a grain of salt...With that being said, there are still some things that you might not be aware of...check it out!

Yeah, I know. It's tiny print. What you can do is scroll to the bottom, and you will see something like this:

See that "zoom in" plus button? Sure. Yeah, that one. Click it a few times to read on the page. Better? No? Bigger? Okay....scroll down again, same spot:

Move a few spots to your left and there is a "view in fullscreen". If the text is still too small, either A) put your contacts/glasses on or B) you need glasses. I am sorry, I cannot help with either..but I love your blind ass anyways!

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Altos Gold'ish WoW Guide

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