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Sunday, January 2, 2011

WTB Port to Dalaran - Enchanting $$$$$

So, for all you enchanters out there....have you checked the prices on Dream Shards lately? They should be around a gold or two each. Why Dream Shards, you ask? We are going to visit Dal and buy some recipies that you might have forgot about, or didn't get yet, and make a few thousand gold off them...consistently. Head to Magus Commerce Exchange, hit up your favorite store, Simply Enchanting and see:

Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran sells these recipes for the shards. 4 shards for the "green" recipies, and 10 for the "blues". (thats tiny gold with the current prices of Dream Shards)
Here's a few screenies in case you were wondering what she sells:

Check your AH right now. There is little to no competition, alot of levelers out there needing them, and materials are insanely cheap. A 300g chant for 15g in mats? Yeah. That's the profit margin we look for, right? 2000% markup baby.

You remember a few months ago when these enchants were going for 1K and up? I do. Know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BLUE (ok, ok, they were top enchants at the time as well). It's a common WoW mindset. If you are reading this, you know what I mean. We make alot of gold on items due to the fact that they are blue. The scrolls you will be making are that beautiful color, which in WoW is the color of money....

Before you get happy and leave to make your big bucks, don't. Go to Vanessa's partner in crime, Ildine Sorrowspear, and get a few stacks of Enchanting Vellum (she's got em for 10s, might as well pick up extra to toss on the AH "empty", as these sell for a few gold apiece as well).

Ok, since you are done reading this post, go to Dal, go to the AH, and make some cheese. Why? Because if you don't, the next reader will. =)


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Great tip, Alto! I just started leveling my DK Enchanter last week. Is there a way to make some gold of this even when my DK is L58?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Your DK is an Enchanter and what? Utilize your Enchantrix in Auctioneer, and you should be able to make some change on that toon by just D/E'ing. Also, check your scroll prices, and utilize both the disenchanting and use the mats from that for your scrolls. Don't forget when you make a few, just holler in /2 with the scrolls you made, that normally helps a few quick sales.

For farming, you should be able (as long as your gear prevails) to do solo runs in Sholo or Strat for some quick greens to DE (and some rep while you are there, just make sure you are wearing your Argent Trinket, and a cartel shirt- or whatever rep shirt you are gonna utilize).

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I was leveling my chanter (she's 67) and you need to hit 65 (and then you can "learn" up to 450- 460 if you have a BE) and she is making gold hand over fist off making these scrolls and selling them.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Great post but one that made me shiver a bit. One of my main (and planned) gold earners for Cata has been selling the scrolls from these recipes. I had not considered selling the recipes.

I've seen my scroll business double and prices go up from 30% to 100% on most scrolls. While most players are really lamenting the low return on those L300 items scrolls they are dumping in the AH (which I'm stockpiling if cheap), I'm slowly and steadily earning tons of gold on the Wrath scrolls.

Part of the inflation has to do with mats costs as Abyss Crystals and Infinite Dust are 3x what they were a few weeks ago, a lot of it has to do with the new players coming in who want these chants.

I will give this a shot, but frankly, I hope the access to these blue chants won't erode my scroll income too much!

A final note: I have found that when advertising certain things in chat (a typical promotional concept I have used for non-standard items I put in the AH), many chat trolls take great pleasure in announcing "oh, that XXX is available for cheap if you go to YYY" and hurt my business. Might be smart to avoid the general chat announcement for items like this.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

The recipies are BoP, so they cannot be sold (as far as I have seen). If you do happen to use the /2 for noting AH lists, watch your times on your server, as the haters normally have set times (around dinner time to be exact) when they are most likely eating next to the 'puter and have nothing better to do than goldblock your sales. Nice to see your comments on the posts!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Ty for your hard work. What enchants do you recommend?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Andy,
It will vary by server, so I would advise you to hit up your AH, and see what your going rates are (I know that answer sounds generic, but I don't know your competition). Beserking, Black Magic, Lifeward and Massacre are consistently selling (on 48 hour auctions, I post 2-3 at a time), and the cloak enchants always seem to sell constant. Keep me posted on how this worked for you!

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