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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"How to" Decide What To Sell- Enchanting Scrolls

Great response so far with the questions folks! Thanks, and keep em coming!

The first one that I am going to cover will take a few posts, but we will start with deciding what scrolls to sell in the AH. She mentioned checking TuJ already, but also wondering the best way to check the others that aren't listed there.

Well, there are limited spots (15) on TuJ that cover only the "Current Profitable Scrolls". If it so happens that most are unobtainable for you (rare drops, or you can't hit up Twilight to get your new recipies), you don't have the capital for purchasing Maelstrom Crystals (which will change now with the 4.1 vendor), or you are lower level and have zero access to all of these, we gotta go "old school" and check manually....Well, not really, we are still using an add-on, Auctionator.

To get the ball rolling, get to the auction house. Pull up your buy tab on Auctionator, and type in "Scroll of". As long as you have a bit of data behind you (with recent scans) you will pull up both the current auctions, and auctions that aren't up for sale (see left). This will assist you in snatching up markets that there are currently zero auctions for "X" item.

Upon scrolling down, you will see the "top end" scrolls that are available. Now this won't pull the average sales like TuJ, it will give you an idea of the current market and the prices that they are currently listed at.  Now obviously, you are not going to want to compete with 10 other auctions for "X" item, you will want to craft and hop into the lesser supplied markets here, you can feel "kinda" safe to work in when there are only a couple (as in one, two, or three) for sale.

Now just open up your Enchanting tab, use the search function (to the right of "All" on the top left of the screen), type in what enchant you are choosing, mouse over the mats needed, get your cost, and if there is no competition, I generally price scrolls at double to triple the mats cost. *Now if you are competing, then you just need to undercut them, and Auctionator does that for you automatically. =)

Now if you want to get technical, you can reset your Auctioneer data, scan twice a day for a week, and get a "recent" baseline for prices, then check your tooltip to see how many have been seen, what they have sold for, etc. Another option here is to set up a "shopping" list in Auctionator and add the scrolls there manually, and keep tabs on the ebb and flow of the prices.

For the time restricted, you can just skip over that last paragraph and only use my top "pictured" examples, they will more than provide you with enough information to decide which enchants to sell. Now stop reading and get to selling!

Don't forget, if you don't have auctions up, they won't sell. Make sure with your scrolls that you are utilizing a 24-48 hour auction, and don't fret if they don't sell right away, enchants normally sell within two days of posting for weapons, three days for 2H, and up to a week for gear. Although at current times, this might be a bit of a slow market for most, when Blizz announces new content (i.e 4.1 coming soon), the market will pick up considerably, then drop once again between content releases.


Torgal said... Reply To This Comment

I'm starting to dig into the enchantment market and your post is just what I was looking for. Thanks!
Probably you could use that enchanting addon which tells you your mats cost on mouseover (sorry can't remember the name) to speed up the price research process.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Glad I can help! Auctioneer has a mouseover tooltip that shows prices, and somewhere up top I mention that. If you have another addon that will help with this process, holler out, and I will add it to the post!

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

You're probably talking about Enchantrix here, but I'm not sure to what extent the Cataclysm materials are supported.

There's also something similar that shows the price right in the crafting window, I believe it's called "Little Sparky's Workshop"?

Anyway, there's still Trade Skill Master.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the updates Vayaz!

I will have to try out little sparky's, I have heard quite a bit about it, that might save a chunk of time...

Uh oh. You said that dreaded three letter word. TSM. I shudder everytime those letters are spoken. =)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hey I know how much you like TSM have you tried inventorium ?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I've been using Scroll Master. You may want to check that out. I find it is very useful in the scroll market.

There are options to look for profit by absolute gold value or percentage of cost. It can use current market costs or a set value you select for materials. You can configure the number of scrolls it has you make.

The one feature I don't think it has is relisting undercutters.

Torgal said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah Vayaz, I think it was "little sparky's workshop". Havent had it myself but read about it. I will definately check out the other addons, thanks guys. I haven't realy had the time to try out Tradeskill Master but it seems to be a realy good addon.

I tried the "scroll of" search with auctionator yesterday. I have to say the results where sadly pretty underwhelming. I had a Database of full scans every day over the past two weeks. Most scrolls I found where actualy far below mats costs. Apart from that I had a hard time spotting specific recipies I knew. That's probably because it's a realy long list.
After this I ended up searching for single recipies I read on the blogs which seem to be profitable.
Am I doing something completely wrong here?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Thats the greatness of competition on servers, prices for mats more than the completed product. Although it didn't work at this moment, you might want to check back here and there, as quite a few folks "powerleveled" enchanting for the obsidium shuffle, they are still left with stock, and the supply is considerable more than the demand, so the prices are still recovering on most servers with scrolls.

Nope, you are checking correctly. It might take a few times to really get a baseline of your market, but after a few days checking "manually" like this you will start learning the scrolls and remembering their costs.

There are plenty of other ways to do this process, but this one will work great for your situation, as you will learn and remember more than using the "auto" addon such as TSM (ugh...I said that word again...).

If you are looking for a quick list that are profitable for me, look no further than the Wrath level enchants. I did a post a while back...

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