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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goldmaking After Darkmoon Faire- Alto's "How To"

First off, I want to thank everyone that commented on yesterday's post. It was a very tough decision, and the winner is......Well, I can't tell you yet, I said Wednesday! I also wanted to thank Brouck for his post dedicated to me, "The Best Blog (post) Ever!". It means alot that someone cares that much to post something like that. Alright, with that outta the way, Let's rock on!

With the end of Darkmoon, we have a bit of time before the next one. What does this mean for us AH PvP'ers? Alot. See alot of people are gonna burn up their stock of their singles, because they want their gold back in their pockets. I can't blame em, and we are here to make some profits.

"Duh Alto, we know that already. How do I make gold? Get to the point already!". Ok. First off, you are going to want to hit the AH and open up your BUY tab. Now make yourself a nice and pretty Shopping List:

*Edit- Thanks to Syn in comments for this addition- To make it a more specific List with Auctionator you can also type: Quest/of embers,Quest/of the winds. it will come up with only the cards because it searches the quest category of the "of whatever" name.

of the winds
of stones
of embers
of waves

Now I hope you added these to your new shopping list. If you didn't, go back and do it again, because to do this right, you cannot miss any of them. Got it? Good.

Now in this example, you can see that every single card is up for grabs. Nice. A full deck. Let's add em up quick and compare to the screenshot above.

Lets just round up a few gold and say 15K instead of 14923g (i didnt add silvers...). And how much is the full deck going for? 29K. The card? 10K cheaper at 19K. Now you do the math....see all them zero's? 15K investment, maybe a week on the AH, and you are looking at an easy 10,000g profit. "Ok Alto, your math is jacked again, that's a 14K profit". Gimme a minute to explain...

Now don't get me wrong, you might sit on this for a few weeks, or it might sell in a day. You might /2 it up and sell it in trade with something like "WTS Hurricane Deck- 5K cheaper than AH- my loss, your gain". Or not. Completely up to you.

Now all you have to do is keep posted on the different decks, and go from there. Before you say "This don't work on my server". Tell me which server you on, because I will check. It does. Now you might not have all the cards for one deck available right at this moment, but you can always snatch up a few now and change your list to "Needed Darkmoon Cards" (yes, I have one like that in case you were wondering). Obviously, there are some decks that are not worth the "flip" here, they might be lopsided, but I hope you got my point here. Now I have done this before and hit on it in a post, but this tosses a bit of more detail for ya'll.

By the way, this is great to do for the "old school" decks as well, and save them for the week before the faire to sell off (even the day of) for the folks that pay to turn in decks or that are buying the cheaper darkmoon decks to turn in for rep.

Now I gotta ask, how did your server look after checking? Some great deals out there, huh? If you don't see anything, either you need a new script on your glasses, you need glasses, or someone beat you to the punch...But I have a feeling that quite a few of you will see some great profits out there. Lemme know!


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

To make it a more specific List with Auctionator you can also type: Quest/of embers,Quest/of the winds. it will come up with only the cards because it searches the quest category of the "of whatever" name :)

Great guide alto !

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the update Syn, I will add that above!

Jason said... Reply To This Comment

Any time bud :D

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

It definitely works on my server Alto :) I tried this following your last post on it & got a Tsunami deck for about 11k by buying 7 of the 8 cards (I already had one). Sold it for about 22k iirc.

The lower decks are also a great way to offload some of the rare inks - I managed to sell about 8 Rogues Decks & 5 Swords decks last week - not huge profits but better than just selling the inks - and it cleared some space in my bank :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nice. I thought I would cover it again for all the new readers with a bit of a twist on the previous post.

Zere said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for this post :) Bought all cards for Volcano Deck for about 9k. Will sell for ~ 16-20k depending on day.

Will look into other decks in the evening.

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