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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Patch 4.3 Updates LIVE! Well, Kinda...

Hey folks!

Auctioneer is dead, make sure and click it off. I believe there are updates coming, so be aware...

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk.... =)

Gonna do my best to post any new updates that I am seeing as it happens live. I already did a 4.3 readiness post you might want to check if you haven't.....I hope you remembered to update your Curse Client....I did not. My UI is a mess. Go figure..

First off, got my juicy little Mount (Tyrael's Charger):


The Jewelcrafting Vendor in your hometown has a few things, it seems that you can either purchase specific cuts for 5 Jewelcrafting Tokens, or purchase a Tome of Burning [url=]Bag of Jewels[/url] for 4. So, if you aren't cut specific, it looks like you can get a deal.

Void Storage, Transmog, Reforging:

All easy to find, if you aren't familiar, go ask one of your helpful hometown guards:


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Flux took over the realm of updating the patch, go check him out! Power Word Gold, baby, yeah!

I will be updating tomorrow, I have a little glitch that ya'll might enjoy. Till tomorrow, see ya!

GrayzBDF said... Reply To This Comment

I like this. It's about patch 4.3, but you add your Altoish twist to it, which makes me click your link instead XX amount of other bloggers links writing about 4.3 too. The pics add a good flavor. Well done with so easy means. Pro! Really.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Grayz. I was barely able to log in and get a few pics before fluxie started rocking his post, and he does his usual hour by hour that covers most schtuff.

I appreciate the love mang!

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