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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Patch 4.3 Is Here....Transmogging and Darkmoon Island

Hey folks!

With 4.3 here, what's on your agenda? Read blogs while waiting for the patch to download? Yup! That's the plan. Here are some of the great posts I have seen on the Patch 4.3....self labeled as "The Dilemma".


Orcish Army Knife:

You saw me post on this blog recently, and I really enjoy his writing. There are a few posts that are killer for transmogging weapons, be sure and hit them up!


*Edit- All of these posts are killer, written by none other than Kaliope (the crafting guru). Be aware, great blog links incoming...

Transmog and Tailoring

Transmog and Leatherworking

Transmog and Blacksmithing Part I

Transmog and Blacksmithing Part II


Transmog Sets Finder (via WoWHead Search):

A great addition to your transmogging needs. Searching for that perfect look? Here you can find it. WoW Sexiness to the extreme. So nice, I had to add a picture to this one...


The Gold Mint:

A great writeup covering a bunch of goodies for the patch. You must go and read it.  Patch 4.3- Expectations, Random Thoughts and Ramblings.

Potion Materials Decreased?
Epic Gem Transmutes?
Rare Gems Skyrocketing?
Truegold vs. Hardened Elementium?
Chaos Orbs BoE?
Dreamcloth BoE?

MoxNix has your answers here. A bit of speculation, but great info nonetheless.


Wowhead News:

The sticky icky on Blizzard Blue posts. If you want what Blizz tells you, here you go. Just plain ol' information that is released to the public, nothing major, nothing specific, basically everything that is out there right now. I would recommend listening up and reading comments here to get any changes or quick updates post patch drop.


Vile's Golden Auctions:

New, craftable PvP Gear in 4.3? You bet! Read his post for more information (click above on Vile's to get there)



Darkmoon Faire Baby, Yeah! I great source for information on the new Darkmoon Island! Don't forget about the sick PvP area....Looking forward to that! WOOOOOO! (It's been a while since I looked forward to something in WoW).


Well, I hope this helps you on your way. Fluxie over at PW:G has been known to keep a rolling tab on the new patch news, and if he does keep it up, I would advise you to roll over there. I will work on getting a link up if and when he does get rolling with it.

TWITTER! I hope by now most of you have a twitter account, you should! Most of the gold bloggers have twitter accounts, so make sure that you are following and read up on whats happening! We all know with patches, there can be exploits, mis-hit issues with vendors, bosses, herb and ore nodes, etc. Now most of the time, these get fixed and word gets out quickly, it's all a matter if you jump on them (remember the ZG farming in 4.1 or the Whiptail exploit in 4.0.6? Yeah. It'll happen again. Just wondering where this time....)

If I find any breaking news, I will do my best to get a post out to ya'll!

If I missed anything you saw out there, please toss a comment below letting me know what and where. Otherwise, see ya'll soon!

*I am sure there are a ton of other posts on 4.3, so by all means, have a link party! I know I missed some of the top bloggers out there, so comment with your link below!

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