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Monday, November 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas is An Orcish Army Knife!

Hey folks!

Alright. With the Christmas holiday approaching, I am sure you are all getting your xmas list conjured up. Some peeps want a dog. Some, a pony. Some, an "Offical Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle". Me? I just want an Orcish Army Knife. But.....I already have one. And so do you!

Twitter is great. Twitter is good. Following folks is better. You learn of new sites, new folks, and new everything in our little WoW world.

This is where I learned of Orcish Army Knife. A killa dilla site indeed. If you aren't planning on mogging, even if you aren't planning on reselling the items to make a shit-ton of gold, you gotta see this site. He has done a great job on images/write-ups and basically all other good stuffs.

"Mogging" as it is referred to, is incoming. Blizz figured that we all want to look good, and lets be honest, some of the best stats are on gear/weapons that look like absolute trash.

Might as well be designed in 8bit so they are circa mid 80's Nintendo era...but there are some, like the Ghoulslicer above, that just look, well, very WoW like. I cannot take credit for this image, or any others on this page....and that is where Orcish Army Knife comes to play...he recently covered both BoE and BoP epics perfect for your mogging opportunities in 4.3.

Now this isn't a specific gold making site by any means, it has a ton of great articles (if you are the reading type). The author plays multiple toons (you can see on the pic above with his characters listed). The author does a great job of explaining, and is all in all an interesting writer. So if you are scouring the internet, or have a few minutes, run over there and check out a few posts! This blog is now listed on my daily read blogroll, as a reminder for ya'll (and myself) about this site!

If by some chance you see this post Rades, thank you for such a great blog!


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I was just thinking. I have flipped around a dozen of the epic Blade of Wizardry (think I still have one or two in the guild bank).

I never realized how sexy the image was. Who needs steel on a sword? Just a floating mass of lightsaber-ness is all anyone really wants, or needs, right?


Rades said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you very much for the kind words! And though I don't really delve into it too much in the post, there's some gold-making potential in some of these weapons. ;) Those giant BoE hammers, for example? I bet they'd go for a decent price with some hawking in Trade Chat where people can see try them on. And I mentioned that I bought a Blade of Wizardry for 500g, when it's going for about 30-35k normally. That's some serious profit! :D

Gimp said... Reply To This Comment

"Offical Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle"

Love that film!

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