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Monday, June 27, 2011

Reader Question- Is Crafted PvP Gear Dead in 4.2?

Hey Folks!

I thought I would "calm the storm" of a valuable market in Cata. One of my readers, Riffraph, noted that he has made a ton of bank from crafting PvP gear, and is worried about losing his "niche" market on his server with 4.2 and the better ilvl gear hitting the shelves.....tis true, that will change, but in a good way.

Without knowing what "set" he was working with, I know alot of folks that have made quite a bit of coin from them (or what is considered the PvP sets); Bloodied Pyrium, the Ornate Pyrium, Bloodied Dragonscale, Wyrmhide, Fireweave, etc.

Fear not, folks, although there is a "slight" change....

Once you download Patch 4.2, you will see your skills updated. No, not the skills you use to kill your squirrels while farming, but your crafted gear. Lemme go to wowhead and take a slice of their pie to explain (mouse-over the items for the new ilvl). This little list is also helpful for you 'smithers that are wondering what the cost for the full set is too. =)

Recipe / SkillCostProductReagentsFull Set60 4 15Bloodthirsty Pyrium
Click to view set pieces
97 80Full Set60 4 15Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium
Click to view set pieces
97 80

The crafted pvp gear changes are going from the old (bloodied) i339 to the new (bloodthirsty) i358. What we are seeing is that the Firelands Raid "dropped" recipes are to be i378, epic crafted weapons are i365, respectively. What does this mean? Well, you should be absolutely killing the market with the new crafts that "magically" appear in your window. A big thanks to Blizz on that one. So craft it up, get em on the AH asap! Remember, if you aren't first in the gold game, you are last. Get the sales, keep the market, and watch the gold fly in!

Yeah. I figured. You already had it planned out to do this. For those that hadn't, here's a little checklist for you (new patch, first day):


1. Open all craftable windows- what I mean here is get on your toons, see what's new or what has changed (especially in this case, see above).

2. Check trainer You would be surprised what shows up even if you are prepared from patch notes, blogs, etc.

3. Reset all your Auctions. I am sure to hear some flak on this one, but you want the freshest and bestest prices going. Quick sales= Quick gold= Quick recrafts= More gold. Don't fall into the "I double the price of "x" material, because sooner or later the ones under me will sell". Nope. With all the information that is out there on gold making, you cant risk it. Sell 10 of X item in the first day for 200g profit? Or sell one of X item in 10 days with 200g profit (because you weren't pushing the market, and it stabilized when yours didn't sell).

4. If you hadn't already, do a mini stockpile of the mats you need- on the market(s)with zero competition. Anytime I put a craftable item in the AH, I usually set two up for the same price, then have one in stock in my bag. When one sells, repost, then rock up another piece for your bags. Constant flow= Constant gold.

5. Keep tabs on Wowhead, MMOChampion, and Blogroll- This is a biggie. Once again, there is a ton of information that is out there, and you can't do everything at once. That's where the help comes in. There are great resources out there, make sure and use them!

6. Check Farm locations, usually herb and ore spots. This is a biggie. Now we know there are an absolute ton of dailies coming out, but if you go off the past information we have had, be it whiptail spawn-rates, ZG epics, etc, patches bring gold for farmers. Once again, keep on a lookout for these locations.


There it is. Getcha ready for the patch, get logged in, and make some gold! Look for posts this week on the new scoops in 4.2 as they come out.

Oh, and if you didn't figure the answer for the question.......Hell's No's! It's gonna be just as good of a seller as the "old" sets! Getta move on, little doggie!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Do you think maelstrom crystal enchants will be more profitable or the lower lvl ones? For instance Peerless stats v's Mighty stats? I'm wondering this because I'm figuring most of the people who are going to be buying the free justice t11 are most likely to be alts or casual players. Not sure whether they'd spend the gold on maelstrom enchants or opt for the cheaper ones?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Uhm. Yes. And No. Let's go with both.

It's hard to judge without knowing your server, but I am mid-pop, and I would recommend rolling both cata and wrath enchants.

I am sure you are already constant in the Enchant market (I am guessing here). What has been selling? Certain days? Certain times? X amount of others selling them? Toss it all out the window. Craft em up. And keep em in the AH. Don't let someone undercut you.

Peerless stats versus Mighty Stats? Both win. I would post some this evening, then right as patch is announced (I am guessing 2-3p Central- but around noon'ish should be a predownload version) post another round right off the bat.

You are right on the money with your thought process, and I am guessing that if I didn't respond, you would be doing both. Good luck with the gold, and let me know how it turns out!

Robert said... Reply To This Comment

where is the 15 hardened elementium and 15 truegold for say the Bloodthirsty Pyrium set coming from? I dont see it in the material cost in ther set pieces.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

If you don't have them, vendor cost for the recipe. Maybe....

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Annon one here.

I'm also on a medium pop vanilla old server. I am constant in the enchanting market. Shortly after 4.1 I pretty much stopped stocking Maelstrom enchants, I couldn't shift them for love nor gold. It didn't seem to be an undercutting problem just that people weren't buying them! Whether they were turning to guildies or opting for the cheaper versions I'm still not sure. I'll make two or three crystal scrolls up, some cheaper ones and adapt on patch day once I see what's going on and what's selling.

As an EU'er I'm looking forward to reports from everyone tomorrow before the patch hits us on Wednesday!

Good luck!

wow powerleveling said... Reply To This Comment

Hope you are right.My poor warrior will be nerfed again :(

dexwest said... Reply To This Comment

Can you please explain in more detail why you think crafted pvp gear is going to sell in AH? Just because the iLvl went up I don't see that creating new demand. So at best you have an already saturated market with people that have the gear. Plus the ilvl increase is no better relative to high end gear then it was before.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Dexwest,

Crafted PvP gear is selling, on many servers (just a quick check of TuJ proves it). The higher ilvl makes folks without raiding experience get a quicker "in" with ilvl requirements at an albeit cheaper price (when compared to epic BoE's).

Yes, some folks already have the higher ilvl, but there are always toons that are rerolled and folks that well...just want a higher ilvl.

I guess the main answer would be it's cheaper. Folks would rather spend 1K on gear than 3K or more. Does that clarify it a bit for you? If not, shoot me an email and I would be happy to show you on your server.

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