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Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mothers Day!....IRL Herbalism for Alto and Ma.

Hey Folks! Hope you are treating your mom with some love today!

My ma is great. She does so much for me that I often feel that I can never repay her, so any chance I have to give back or do something for her I jump on it. I think my sister has a hidden hatred towards me due to that I am always one upping her on gifts or time spent with our mom, so now, no matter what I get for her for the "holidays" (birthday, mom's day, anniversary, christmas, etc) I just say that it's from the both of us. Makes life easier.

Speaking of making life easier, a "thing" that we do every year is plant/garden. It's something we both enjoy (other than in my younger years trying to "hide" a nice skunky smelling plant in her tomato garden....little did I know that in the 60's her neighbor was a "grower"- needless to say she knew what they looked like...ugh). A common occurence is splitting plants (hostas/creepers) and flipping them from house to house. It's a good feeling sowing seeds and letting the plants see a new scenery now and then. Believe it or not, they seem to grow better and bigger when transplanted. Not sure why, but hey. Whatever works.

One thing that gets me is that she knows. She knows what plant was planted when, when they flower, when to transplant, and when they reseed (sound like WoW yet? Gatherer Addon? Sure. My Mom is my real life addon for plants).

Doing this with her keeps us with a strong personal bond. It's something that lets us both not think of anything else, we rarely chat during our projects, it's almost zen....or meditation...or yoga.....whatever you call it, it's basically relaxing.

I got a bit off tangent there, but in RL and in WoW, it's basically the same for me. When I herb (and mine) I enjoy it. It's relaxing. A stress reliever. I get to go out, enjoy the visuals of the programming in game, and as a side addition, I make a ton of gold in the process. Now I am not one that can farm like this for hours on end, daily, or even weekly, but what I can do is have fun.

There have been quite a few spots that I venture to. One of my favorite all time for herbs is a very dense spot in Eastern Plaguelands (quite a bit of Sungrass, quick respawns, and an easy route.

Now of course Wintergrasp is a great spot, Sholozar Basin, and of course I like Uldum for the Whiptail. Ok, you got me. I love Uldum for the Whiptail....

As you all know, I am far from a hater of farming. It's a viable goldmine whether you are a herbie, a miner, a skinner, or just a killa dilla DPS. Whoever says that farming isn't needs to stop blogging. AH time is great, you can make great GPH, but you also end up not even knowing that The Shattering has occured (yeah, there are folks that haven't been out of ORG or Stormwind since then....).


Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

Aww, nice post! lol my kids love to plant stuff, though I myself can not be trusted! I once killed my husbands wandering ivy plant, which he had proudly told me when I moved in was so sturdy even I probably couldn't kill it!

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