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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gatherer Addon- An Oldie But A Goodie

A bit back, when we got lucky [thanks Blizz] with the Whiptail spawns going crazy, I made a post (4.0.6- Herbalism After Hotfix) on my little route that I was making a killing off of. There was a comment that asked about what addon I used to get the "timer" on the spawns. Thanks to our little "Gatherer" addon, I was able to get some extremly accurate information on the spawnrates.

Upon a "mouseover", you can get a bit of information (this screenie is on herbs, but it works with ore as well). You can see the last time that YOU picked the node (not if someone ninja'd it from you), the distance, and what actually spawned at that point. The pic to the right shows what is in your "immediate" area, listing circles where the nodes have previously spawned (and in this pic, you can see an acual node respawn).

Now we are gonna hit a little bit on how to use the "gunk" of the addon. In your chat pane, hit up a /gatherer to pull up your available options, which should look something like this:

If you click on General, it will pull up this screen. To have the settings like I use, you need to have the "Display nodes on WorldMap" checked (highlighted in yellow in the near upper left of the window).

Next, you will need to go to the Minimap on the left side, right below your General options. Here, you will need to click [or check] the "Display nodes on Minimap" option. This will allow you to see nodes all over the place. If you are using the addon and see any glitches upon clicking these, go back into your /say or /chat and use the command /reset. This will reset your UI and will allow you to use full capability.

There are a few other options that you can use, however I prefer to keep the simplicity for only the things that I use, I am sure folks that use this will add in comments if there are other options that they enjoy (and a how-to) in case I missed something.

Now I am guessing that there are some folks that are thinking "It's not worth my time to gather (mine or herb), I make more at the AH". Well, if you enjoy sitting at the auction house all the time and don't get out in the real world, well, that's your perogative. As of late, I am enjoying getting back into the game, and after an hour in Twilight Higlands picking Jasmine and mining Elementium Ore and Pyrite, I hit 2200g (pending auction sales) in 60:02 minutes. Without going into further detail on that (I know, you guys probably miss that), even fighting a drood "bot" (i think at least), I still had no issues hitting the over 2K GPH.  =)


Geargrinder said... Reply To This Comment

Gatherer is an awesome addon if you have the information for a specific zone. The lack of a database update on Wowhead does limit the usefulness but if you are a hardcore farmer this is a must have.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Not sure where you are going with this, but I am wondering if you are using the "premade" maps you can get from curse.

I personally don't use them, and I am not a hardcore farmer, maybe an hour here and there every few weeks unless there is a "goof" by blizz with spawns. It's a very viable tool for even the "weekend warriors" that farm now and again.

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