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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am A Firelands Egg- 4.2.0 PTR

What is it? Who knows. Just another of many things that have been popping up on the PTR for 4.2.0. Wanna know what I think? It's an egg. It has purplish spots. It's kinda pink (unless I am color blind, not really sure). It has something to do with Firelands. Did I mention it's an egg?

Now I could go through and tell you all that it's a quest drop. A cooking quest. Or I could say this is an item you need for the new Legendary. Or it's really for a new mount from Reputation (a chicken mount...). Or I could say that it's what epic gems come from (yeah, you really wanted to hear that). Actually, there might be a Dino drop (anyone old enough to remember The Flintstones?). Or, maybe, probably, it's just plain ol' junk....

See where I am going here? Speculation is part of what I do. When I see new items pop up that really have no meaning, the first thing that comes to mind is how I can make gold off it, what I can do with it, what it does, why people would want it. I am not perfect in my speculations, see my post on Polished Bronze Rivet. Although we still haven't seen the High Society Top Hat, I still have a few that I have farmed....and if you listened, you still do too!

To be rich in this game, you need to be ahead of the curve. You have heard me talk about that alot, in fact, I mention it at least once a week in one form or another. When a patch hits, if you aren't in "the know", you can lose out on big gold coming into your mailbox. Recently, see the Winterspring Cub. See new patterns that drop in game. See "nerfed": Uldum and Whiptail or the recent Zul'Gurub 5 man epix soloing.

Once again, I want to make sure that you as my reader start to speculate. I hope you do, and when you hear things talked about in the blogosphere about "this is happening, and I think this will become of it" or even a blogger saying "I guarantee this is a moneymaker" be wary, enter at your own risk.

When I speculate, I try to get every available bit of information before I toss it out to you. Out of all the "patch is coming, get this, this, and this, watch out for this, this, and this, and if you are X profession, grab this!", I know folks have made a ton of gold from my tips (I hope you are one of them). I know that I have!

Anyways, I got sidetracked. You know you can expect a "whatcha gonna do" style post whenever there is new info out there. You know that you will make gold doing it. Just be weary of the information that you "believe" that bloggers write about, and you will do fine. As you know, if you see something at another blog, and you want my advice, just holler. Email, Skype, or Twitter...hell, even in comments (doesn't matter on what post, I see all that come through- just toss your email on there so I can respond- if you don't want your email out there, just say so and I won't post). Deal? Good.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

In terms of stockpiling. How can i gauge how much I should stockpile of a item. I really overstocked on Mageroyal ( only got rid of 10 stacks and had like 30.... yea.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Stockpiling is a strange beast. I am guessing you stockpliled Mageroyal for the quests during the holidays....Did you constantly keep the AH supplied? Did you have competition? Did you bark in /2 saying you have a ton?

Since I have been on my current server a few years, I know the ebb and flow pretty decent. I stockpiled Mageroyal too. And forgot all about it (I wasn't on too much that last week). So, I sit. And wait. And sell a few here and there.

So to get to your question, the best way to gauge is to use your experience. For holiday "mats", I won't go more than 10 stacks of any item (well, a little more or a little less depending). You want to use my favorite little quote "If you aren't first, you are last". You gotta get in right away when the prices are high, then slide out when the competition hits, unless thats your game.

Hope that helps!


Azz said... Reply To This Comment

Nice post on speculation. A couple of months back, I heard that a new cooking recipe was coming out and would use Murglesnout in the recipe. At the time, Murglesnout was not used for anything and you could buy it for basically nothing. I bought a ton before the recipe came out, in anticipation of selling them later. Well, you know how that ended....recipe came out and it is Cata food with no buff = worthless. I still have a guild bank tab full of Murglesnout if anyone needs any.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

HAHAHAHA!~ yeah, murglesnouts. I got a stockpile of them too....err...did. they got vendored. Win some, lose some. Bad Alto!

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