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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alto vs. 4.0.6 - Herbalism in Uldum and Deepholm and Design: Burning Shadowspirit Diamond?!

Ok, ok. All of a sudden I am versus everyone, everything. Well, lately I think that's just how not just my WoW life has been, but "real" life as well. I won't go into that, because that isn't why you are here.

This is going to be an update post throughout the night, as I get information, you will be the first to know. So let it be that if you are reading this right now, you need to keep checking back. If you see something that I don't hit on, feel free to update in the comments below.

I am still on my search for the "rare" beasts that has been mentioned in the PTR notes. No such luck as of yet. But I have seen a few things:

4.0.6 Changes Seen So Far

PvP prices raised, 1K more conquest points.
The add-on Bagnon is broken. *Edit- It has been updated
Spawn rates on Herbs Nerfed? Nerf Faids!
Azuriel just noted that the Daily Transmute for Alchemists is Busted....Anyone else see that?

I don't think blizz planned this one out too well. I mean...... .02 sec. Really? Cmon folks.....

If you are a 'scribe, get to the Trainer, as they added a new glyph in the patch, and toss it on the AH. Quickly. If you don't, someone will beat you.

Sinzi Sparkscribe. Ink Trader. Org. No more needing to hit up Dal. I am sure there is an ally mirror of a trader there as well. We knew this was coming (once again forgot who coined it) Figured you might want a little screenie anyways....

Just as a reminder, check your Blackfallow Ink and Inferno Ink prices to see if a flip is in order (10 Blackfallow per Inferno) to make some coin.

Sarana Damir: Alliance Side:

Thanks Alberthus! I don't play on ally side anymore, so I appreciate the pic!
Yeah, I really hate TSM. Have I said that already? I had a few Blackfallow's in my bag, and upon checking Sinzi's wares, I walked away and saw this. Really? This addon is now deleted.....I did nothing for this to happen, no clicking, nothing. Total Bullshit.

Now I hope you listened to me when I told you about saving up three Jewelcrafter Tokens to get this Design, because in the time that I bought it, crafted a few (5), tossed em on the AH and barked once before hitting my farm spot (see below) to test the "new" droprate of Tiny Treasure Chests, I had sold all of them. At 359g each..... =)

If you didn't listen, do so now. Someone might have beat you to the punch though....

Ok, something I was looking forward to wasn't the "reverse" nerf with the Potion of Treasure Finding. You nerfed it alright. The wrong way. Unless I was totally unlucky, but doubt it due to a blue drop. I hit up my Hyjal spot (you all know my fav farm spot- still not changed with the respawn rate, btw), popped a pot, and got 10 chests. Uhm. Not what I expected, as I pounded the mobs there (look below for that one). So pffft. Gonna try again after I finish this post, and will update.

Now I don't play my rogue too much, and truthfully, don't pay much attention, but after clicking Blade Flurry on a double mob, it stayed on the top of my taskbar. Like not costing a cooldown. Nice. Not sure if this is an intentional change (didn't look yet), but I will continue farming on him throughout tonight, hoping for one of the world drops.

Nerf Faids did a post on possible "over" nerf of Heartblossom and Whiptail. Now I had too much competition in Uldum to check, but I reset Gatherer when I noticed there was only one cat running in Deepholm (think he's a bot anyways, takes alot of time sitting at a node before picking it, and didn't respond to me...). But here's a screenie. Seems better, but I haven't really farmed herbs for quite some time, unless we are talking TolBarad. I took a flight around the map, and this seems to be the spot.....

Nerf Faids hit up this spot in lower Uldum, it's crazy spawns. I finially got a chance to get down there, and even though there is competition, I am still getting great rates. I am with Faid when she said that the Volatile Life stockpilers better start worrying, as even though I have seen a slight rise in price, I am getting around 100 per hour currently between uldum and deepholm.

Can we say "Twilight Highlands Nerf" again? Jeebus. No daughter tonight, I know where I am hanging until the hotfix tomorrow, we all know that's coming. Get while the gettin's good folks!

Wow. Not sure what to do with it now.....12K fresh out the AH. Hmmm. Relisted for 125k. Let's see how desperate someone is. Or how bad the haters are.....

I think I will give it an hour or two. What do you all think? Seen any yet? Wondering about droprates....

As I mentioned, I will keep you posted on the findings throughout the night, and it will be on this post, so if you are searching too, check back frequently...


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

Bagnon Is updated now :) and I'm in the middle of a raid, Lol So there's my quick update :) back I go ! good luck herbing and what-not tonight folks!

The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

I thought it was just me that noticed using TSM was like trying to swim through toffee...

Azuriel said... Reply To This Comment

Did my daily xmute on my Uldum alt, and got Volatile Fire x3 as my Transmute Mastery proc. Three (3). In my bags were my Water x14 and Earth x19 procs from prior days. Dunno if this a bug or not, but if a legit change, this might persuade me back to Elixir/Flasks.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the link about my frantic sharing of the herb info! xD I'd just been running out the door when posting that. A bit more info about Uldum:

I tend to visit a few Cinderbloom nodes while moving around and they don't seem to be impacted.

Nerf Tauren Druids

I've found the ideal place to be the delta south of Lost City; most of the herbs spawn away from mobs so even little 81s like myself can get to them with little hassle.

As of now, 10 PM EST, the bug is still going strong. Get herbing! Also, nerf tauren druids!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

just wondering where that favorite spot is!!

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

On the rogue Blade Flurry thing - I think I read somewhere that it's not on a timer anymore so it will stay until you turn it off again. not sure where I read it but I thought it had been hot fixed already so must have been a while ago. Show how often I use my rogue too :p

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

The change to Blade Flurry is intentional, it's in the patch notes. The trade-off is slower energy regeneration.

As for the meta recipes, saw one drop in H SFK, only to lose it to a guildy, each recipe is know by at least one other JC (who also seem to be the only one selling given the lack of competition in trade/AH), and I spent a desperate hour trying to farm it off the earth elementals in Hyjal (no luck). My TUJ alert told me the +str recipe was posted for 90g at like, 2am, but I was asleep for that :( I didn't expect these to be at all common, but they seem to be a lot more rare than I expected, unless the people who have them just have no fiscal sense.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Sergio,
Check out my post today!

Thanks Nev and Vince,
I reread through the patch notes, and on the tooltip it mentions slower regeneration, but I really see almost and improved regen. But then again, I haven't played him too much to know what the change would be (since back in mid-wrath). Thanks for the update!

@ Vince,
Thanks for the update, I am seeing they are pretty rare as well, I had an offer for 50K, but I think I will still hold out for a bit more, and if I don't sell by thurs afternoon (raid time) I will learn it and sell the gems like no tomorrow. As usual, I will keep ya'll posted on my decisions!

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