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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part III- Cataclysm Rare Spawns- The Addon- NPC Scan

Hey folks! In Part I and Part II, I showed you the locations and drops for the Cata rares. For part III, I am covering two things.

One, it's the final part of the series, and two, this is my monthly contribution to Cold's Gold Factory. Cold's topic this month is Supplementary Addons, and this fits the bill.

If you are familiar with using addons, this is a breeze. Hit up to search around, or just click these links to download: NPC Scan, NPC Scan Overlay. Toss them in your "addons" folder, and you are good to go. Remember, you need both downloaded, one won't work. BOTH. If you use curse client, it will give auto updates, but in this case, either or is fine.

As for how to use it, really don't do anything. Install it, and just look at your map. Above, you can see that the minimap has a "colored" bar that shows the mobs "tracks", and basically the same thing on the "full map" (see below: 2,3,4,5). If you look at the lower left of the map window (1), you an see the names that correlate with the mobs.

Now go getcha farming on! Go ahead, you can check back tomorrow.


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Top link isn't linking to my site, but to yours.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Fixed! Thanks mang!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Can you explain why we need both addons, because I see nothing on the base addon that suggests the overlay is needed.

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

This is a really useful series - cheers Alto.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


When I first downloaded the addons, I only downloaded one (too far back for my feeble mind to remember), and it didn't work without the other, that is why I listed both of them. Hope that answers your question.

Thanks Rebecca, glad you enjoyed it!

GrayzBDF said... Reply To This Comment

Nice post! I have my periods when I go hunting pets, whether it be for my hunter or for gold. Now i've decided to hunt Poseidus with every toon below 85 until I get him, starting with my farmers. I'll most likely stick to the farmers or the toons that have other advantages, since levelling alts is at the bottom of my priority list. This mission is strictly for gold!

I didn't know about the Overlay addon, so that's a nice addition.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

@ Anonymous: you need the "overlay" file so that the _NPC Scan will track the rares and give a flashing alert on screen to tell you when you are near them. The _NPC Scan Overlay file adds the rares' paths to the map and minimap. You can use the base file w/o the Overlay file but then there is no mapping interface.

@ Alto: the mapping feature will work with a number of other addons. I use Carbonite and it works great. I think you have to clear the cache periodically b/c it won't show the same rare a second time. If you don't farm it the first time it appears you won't get the alert when you go back. At least, I think that is how it works. The developer notes at Curse had tips on how to clear the cache.

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