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Monday, April 18, 2011

Part II- Cataclysm Rare Spawn List- Locations/Loot

Well, here we are at Part II....

Once again, the pics are of the spawn locations according to wowhead, and the links I provided on the names are the loot table. If you missed yesterdays post, Part I, go have a look!

For those that use add-ons, there is one that I use on a limited basis for rare mob farming, which look later this week for a how to post. For now, you can do the good ol' fashioned way and farm off of looking at a map. Deal? 

Terborus Tiefenheim

Golgarok Tiefenheim

Overlord Sunderfury Twilight Higlands

Tarvus the Vile Twilight Highlands

    Get moving today and farm yourself up some of these mobs. The BoE's they will "give" you normally fluctuate from around 450g to 2500+ (depends on server of course), but if you can knock out a few while you are in an area, free is free, right? See ya'll tomorrow!


    Mako said... Reply To This Comment

    I use an addon so I find these anyways but they do sell well. Sold Tarvus's boots the other day for about 620g. I just wish there was a good drop for my hunter.

    Bangkok Bill said... Reply To This Comment

    Thanks for putting this list together Alto. I've been looking for something like this for a while.

    Now if I can just find a list of the old rares that are still in Cataclysm along with their location...

    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    Thank you for the consolidated maps. From what I understand, existing copies of each of the drops is converting to the epic form when 4.1 drops (rather than existing drops remaining blue, and new drops going purple) but that's secondhand to me and I haven't rechecked PTR comments in a while.

    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    nm I'm a retard who needs more coffee; was thinking of the outdoor mini-raid bosses. sorry.

    Admin said... Reply To This Comment

    It's all good!

    I try not to even log on before I have my coffee and adderall. Until that happens, I have no guarantee on my knowledge/posts/comments at that time. =)

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