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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Part I- Cataclysm Rare Spawn List - Locations/Loot

Now some of you folks out there are big into farming (I know, you don't have to hide). One of my favorite past-times is running around and farming these mobs. Now of course they are on a "Blizzard Timer" (4 to 8 hours- but once again, RNG), but odds are if you do a route to the different areas, you can hit up at least one. Due to most of the drops being Rare "BoE's", they are a very farmable mob if you are in the area.

*Edit- I have added Part II and Part III- The Addon 

The pics are the "spawn locations" according to wowhead, and the links on their names provide you with the "dropped loot" of these spawns (mouse over their name below to see the loot). Due to their being a handful more, I didn't want to mash them into one post, so expect Part II to hit the "shelves" tomorree. Without further ado, here's you go:

Blazewing Hyjal


Thartuk the Exile Hyjal

Shok'sharak Vashir

Poseidus Vashir

Burgy Blackheart Vashir

Lady La-La Vashir

Hope this helps you find not only the rares, but some great loot as well! Some of the drops will actually sell very well on the AH, so keep that in mind when listing them. See ya'll tomorrow!


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Apparently, Poseidus doesn't drop a mount right now. But that'll change in 4.1.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

You are correct sir!

That is one of the mobs that will be camped, especially if it stays BoE for resale purchases...Is it worth camping? For the first few weeks, mos def. Then the price will drop similar to the Elementium Geode, big money first off, then dropping down quite a bit. It's still a mount though, even if it can only be used in water.

Get it while the gettin's good, right?!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Why not just make a post on NPCScan and NPCScan Overlay?

These two addons combined will be worth more than any number of posts on this subject.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


This post was for a reader email asking about where they are and what they drop, but you must be looking in my queue, because I have a post written on them as well to be dropped this week.

When I receive emails on "how to's", I try to make them so everyone can do them, not just folks that use add-ons (believe it or not, some folks will not use them).

buy wow gold said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Alto, it really helps a lot! I’m not a addons fanatic, most of the time I Google it to get more detailed info.

I’ll bookmark this for future reference.. I also follow your feeds for latest update!

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