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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Archaelogy Updates and AH Tank Sales for 4.1 "Call to Arms"

Hey folks!

I really need more time in the day. I missed another post yesterday. But I got some schtuff that you will be interested in coming very, very soon! First off, I am covering Arch changes, then afterwords I am hitting up an upcoming AH sales platform. So sit back, enjoy your third (ok, maybe fourth by now) cup of java, and read up!

Extinct Turtle Shell                                                                               Vyrkyl Drinking Horn

Pterrodax Hatchling

Ancient Amber

Voodoo Figurine

Haunted War Drum

Nothing major coming out, but if you had already invested your time, there are some pretty decent pets and a nice shield (since the "call to arms" is going to be a heavy hitter).

Now to emphasise this point a bit, you will see some upcoming sales for tank gear. Dust off that Blacksmith and make some PvP Crafted gear (As they have seen a small spike, and more to come) like the Ornate Pyrium set and the Bloodied Pyrium set, any "higher end" i359 craftables, shields etc. I have been stockpiling for a few days any 80+ tank gear from my "flipping" process (see a post here on how to's) and will be dumping them come 4.1.0 drop.

Now for the Alchemists and Chefs out there, get ready for a spike in your "buff food" and tankable "drinks"; Earthen Potion, Elixir of Deep Earth,  Mushroom Sauce Mudfish, Blackbelly Sushi, and many more. Ask around in your guild for the heavy hitting tanks and what they use, and that will be what you want to sell. EZ money, ez profits!

Now get on your AH and get busy! If any tanks read this, holler in comments what you are currently using for "buffing" and help out your fellow AH PvP'ers! Thanks ahead of time! Till next time folks!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Just got a fossilized hatching last night. Tiny.. being the only non-profitable profession out there (keystone farming?), I'd love to see some larger scale stuff from archaelogy, hard to ignore even at the very center of Orgrimmar. Something as dramatic as a stiffed sandstone drake with giant elixir. Just a thought.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Might want to add Lavascale Minestrone in your list of buff foods, Perhaps you should mention tank gems aswell?
Solid Ocean Sapphire , Regal/Puissant Dream Emerald, Fine//Polished ember topaz and others.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Great point Sok!


Those are great additions! Thanks!

wow for dummies said... Reply To This Comment

That is a pretty cool shield. I have been reading up on how to improve my unhittable stat for my tanking paly and the shiled has a good mastery rating...which is needed for that stat. I have been playing around with Archeology with my other toon so I will continue. Going after the DRAKE...but that is pretty cool as well.

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