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Friday, December 17, 2010

You Asked, I Answered.... Alto's AH Ritual

Ok. I have received a few emails recently on "The Openings". How I do it, what I do, what I sell, etc. Here's an overview of my rituals, try to keep up:

Before you read further, please know that I feel like the masked magician (if you remember that show) away how the "magic" happens. But the rooks need to know (for most readers, this is probably a mirror of what they do anyways, in some shape or form). Be aware that this is not the best way to AH, this is just what I do.

First off, log into Wow. On the Character screen, I go to Addons. I unclick Auctionator (I use both Auctioneer and Auctionator for my AH use- but for buying, I go use Auctioneer) and make sure that Mail is checked as well. I then login to my main AH toon, and right off the bat, I look to see who is online off my friends list, then I check AH one by one....weapons, armor, trade goods, recipies, gems, misc, and quests.

Looking at this screenie, I will bid on the 13% (i will bid/buyout any items under 19% on weapons/armor- UNLESS I have seen the same item keep dropping, that flags hard resale on the item- for resale) and skip to the next page. Then to the next tab (armor, trade, and so on) and bid/buy whatever I feel the need (on trade, recipies, gems, misc, and quests I buy under 10%- FYI). This takes 5ish minutes to accomplish. Usually end up with a brief idea of the prices on main goods (ore, herbs, crafting mats, etc).

Now, off to "The Opening". Normally, I have around 100-200ish auctions posted twice a day (lately, its been three- FYI- and all are posted at the 48 hour window), so my AH opening normally takes a 4-5 minutes. So I let the Mail and Postal do their magic, and go do something (have a smoke, unload dishwasher, you get the point- FYI- I normally get booted due to bag space midway..but starting out you shouldnt need to worry). I get back, do a screenie (for my bloggers), get to the AH, and log out. Back on the Character screen, I uncheck the Auctioneer (and its goodies) and check Auctionator (Quicker instant search on postings for selling goods).

Ok, now is time to start selling. Open up the Auction House, then go to the Sell tab on the bottom. Drag and Drop whatever you wanna sell. Poof!

Example I:

So right now, I check and see that my previous auction did not sell (the good thing is that two others did, I posted three) and someone has posted (undercutted me) with six stacks of one. In this case, because my server does not sell alot of these (at least on the AH), I am posting:

This is for the main fact that due to supply and demand, I want to be the lowest on this item. They will sell. As will my previous 5 stack.

Example II:

Volatile Life. This price has dropped significantly within a week. What I want to do here is exactly nothing. I will not sell mine, I will hold off. There is way to much supply, and demand cannot be told by the screenshot, but I know that if I post, it will sell fast, but I will wait on this one. Do you understand why? Ok.

Example III:

Ok, here I see stacks of one. Boring. No stacks of multiples. Toons that buy on the AH go for the quickness. They don't want to click on singles when they can click once. They have gold, and undercutting here does absolutely nothing (ok, maybe a "quicker" sale, but nah, not my way...). So you can see how I posted:

"60g 50s. Why did you do that? The other auctions will sell before yours?" Really, I don't care. I think this thought came from one of Markco's past posts, and has stuck in my head...why sell fast at 48g 79s when you can wait a few more minutes to get 12g more? (not his exact words, but you get the principal, i hope. Either way, it works..)

So there it is. Did it help? Do you have other questions? Holler. I will answer. Till next time, here's the last few "The Openings":


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