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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Has There Been A "Rift" In Your Sales Too?

Zath is in the House. I just read his post about Cricket's, Where did everyone go? and hopped back to a post I was writing earlier in the week to add a few things and publish for your reading pleasure (and as an "extended" comment to our buddy Zath).

I really, really, did not want to ever mention Rift in my posts, but I need to make an exception...

I am noticing something. Normally on the average Wednesday on my server, we accumulate around 30,000 auctions. Right now, I just finished a scan and we are sitting at a measly 23K. I hate to even say this, but there is quite a bit of love of WoW moving toward (what seems) Rift. The auctions are less, the movement in Org is really slow, I have zero hint of lag happening.

My sales seem to slow a bit, nothing really to dramatic, but with less of the auctions in the armor and weapons, I am losing out on one of my favorite gold making areas, the "flip", which will be affecting me this weekend. *Edit- I know it's only midday Saturday now, but I am seeing about a 50% decline in these "lesser" markets. I have posted quite a few times, especially my popular post among readers, The "Weekend Clearance Sale- Are You Prepared?".

I can remember back to when Warhammer came out, there were quite a few that ventured over there, and I saw a dip in auctions at that time, but not as much as this week has caused.....especially with the "kiddies" and college students, I was preparing at looking down at 40,000 auctions daily, with the weekend possibly hitting 45K, and we are only a bit over half that number.

*Edit- Now this is extreme speculation, but does the terrible action in Japan (thanks for the holler Zoxy) have anything to do with this too? I hate typecasting folks, but the "chinese farmer" word is tossed around quite a bit, and with all the devastation there, will we see a influx/reduction on our servers?

Is this something you all are seeing as well? Will I have to re-access my sales structure on flipping "lesser" gears in the AH? Is [cough, cough] WoW slowly ending it's reign in the MMORPG world? Although I highly doubt it, we could be having our own recession in our little part of the world we call World of Warcraft.

And you are thinking ____________? Am I right to think this? Or is it just a "glitch"?


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I will start the comments off:

I believe that quite a few folks have left WoW temporarily in search of new content, and it happens to be Rift where that is located. I believe that folks will come back with 4.1 (maybe) but 4.2 (for sure, if they are not completely addicted to Rift by then).

Until then, we gotta play the way we have been, we just might not have the heavier market we are used to.

Liam said... Reply To This Comment

Cant say I have noticed any massive decrease in sales apart from pvp gear as most people will have the gear now and be moving on to conqest points gear at least. Still selling gems etc as normal.

iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Also the disappointing (to some) announcement that 4.1 won't have any new raid content might be enough to make some people take a break until 4.2 when there will be "something new" to do.

Rift may have a bit to do with it. I know I've been splitting my time between Rift and making gold.

When there isn't as much to hold players attention in WoW and a viable (and new) alternative it's not hard to see why player would be trying the 'new kid in town'.

My guess it that the lack of content is hurting WoW more that Rift atm.

Zathanos Synn`Malache said... Reply To This Comment

I've noticed something else on my server. Quantity of ore available has taken a huge dip. I know the bots are still out there, but I think that the lack of demand has driven the quantity down, along with the price. Obsidium and Elementium are both typically @ 2.5g now. Pyrite @ 5.5g. If it keeps dropping down toward 2g and 4g respectively, I'll stockpile a bit.

Gem prices have dropped as well, with only a couple rare gems reaching above 100g.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

you will not like this, but the lessening of the servers may not let up. while WoW is a very fun game,Rift is the game that the old Everquest fans, like me, have been waiting for. expect some flow back into WoW as some disillusioned players return, but many of the older fans may not be returning. I myself have switched over, only returning to Wow rarely, and may be cancelling my account all-together very soon. all the same, best of luck to you.

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