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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Weekend "Clearance Sale"- Are you Prepared?

Ahhh. Feels good to be back to my "normal" posts. I am looking to cover some information to assist you in being "weekend prepared".

Now we do know that we see a spike in players on the weekend. You will normally see around a 10-15% spike in the AH posts done between Friday night and Saturday night. My main server goes from around 24K auctions to about 27K on these times.

This presents not only fierce rounds of undercutting, but also a great time to utilize others for finding great items to flip. Time once again to dust off your banks/bags and do some "soul" searching.

"Well Alto, we are getting what you are saying, but what exactly are you talking about? Get to the point already...."

Alright. During the week when I am doing my scans for flipping items (I utilize Auctioneer for this, really the only reason I keep this addon around). I have posted on how to do this a few times, so I am not going to hit on a "how to" as you already know how I do it.

"We know this already, are you just doing a double post to fill space? And why don't you just use Snatch for this, or use the TuJ email for it?"

Lemme answer this for you. God you guys like interrupting my posts, don't you? Nope, no double or triple posts, you already know how to flip on purchasing, I am hitting on when/how to sell those flips. I try not to utilize snatch due to I would rather take one minute to scan through the posts manually (this also helps you get used to seeing whats in the AH and knowing your market- I used to but have gotten away from it). The Undermine email setup is great for snatching up deals, especially if you have Mobile AH. I have enough things going on during the day let alone adding one more to my schedule, but by all means, if you can, it's a great option.

Now to the guts:


Once again, it should be part of your AH ritual to do the Auctioneer scan, and buy up anything that is listed under the 10-20% threshold (depending on your available gold-flow). Your weekend ritual should be a bit different, as this is when the mats prices drop (and quanties are there to buy bulk). Be it leather, cloth, ore, herbs, bars, food, pots, etc. This is when you want to snatch up those items for resale. You feel me?

Here is a screenie from TuJ. This shows that the price is at it's lowest on Friday, and creeps up slowly over the weekend (top image), with a downhill slope again until Saturday.

Now the bottom image is showing that the most available is on Friday as well (can you say supply vs. demand?). Now on this server (I just picked at random), Savage is best bought on Friday, and best sold on Saturday and Sunday. See how I get that?

I am interrupting you again Alto. This doesn't happen on my server, in fact, it's the opposite. The mats prices rise on the weekend!"

After all my posts you have read, you can't answer that question? Jeebus. Ok. Think about what you just said. First off, Great! I am glad you notice that. You are learning....Secondly, you should know what to do then for your personal "fire sale". Buy during the week when the prices are low, and claim the market on the weekends. Little Johnny, I am not sure why you ask these questions when you know the answer already...


The weekends on most servers is when the "players" come out to play. What I mean by this is the Weekend Warriors come out of the woodwork. Still don't get it? Ok. Most noobs play. i.e those that aren't max level. This is when you need to be posting all the weapons and armor in your stockpile (whether it is 1 piece or 1,000 of them). Although they are not a guaranteed sale, I recommend that this is the best time to post them.

"Alto, once again you are wrong. On my server, I can't sell an item for the life of me on the weekends".

Well, you must be the only one on your server. Or you are selling for too high (I use 50-75% of market price when I list my weekend auctions for "blue" gear). My guess it's the latter of the two. Just because the "average" price is listed, well, for lack of a better term, it's average price. Think of it as you are at the grocery store, wanting to pick up, lets say, a pizza. Are you the type that will buy a frozen pie for 4 bucks, when you can get the same one on sale next to it for 3? My guess is most folks will purchase the 3 dollar one, for the simple fact they are saving money.

"Nope, wrong again. I would by the 8 dollar Digornio's"

That is another thing I wanted to hit on. There are these types of buyers as well that we need to focus on. The folks that have money. That is why I list epics at 75% plus on the weekends. Because for these guys/gals, they want nothing but the best, and will pay premium prices to flash their epix. Feel me on this one?
I hope by now you have a better understanding of the "weekend" market and how it affects us as AH PvP'ers. As you have heard me mention many times before, you need to understand your server's market, and the best way is for you to learn it and not rely on the snatch (or resale) addon for this style of AH'ing.

Yes, it can be a great asset to you, but I want you to see what is happening. This is a game, right? And if the AH is what you want to win at, this is one step you need to focus on to be the best!

Now little Johnny, do you have any more questions? No? Okay.

How about the rest of the class? Bueller.......Bueller.......


The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry sir, it's his day off.

Thanks for the long detailed post. WTB TuJ for EU :(

XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Great post Alto love your style of post makes it funny to read and also has alot of info :D


Martz said... Reply To This Comment

Good Post. You answered a lot of questions I had on when to post.

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