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Saturday, February 5, 2011

--Alto vs. TSM-- Who threw in the Towel?

I am feeling that you guys are ready for another deathmatch. This time, I am getting in the ring with TSM. This addon called me out around a week ago, and I took the challenge....Let me explain:

I have been using Auctionator for basically all of my buying and selling for quite some time now. I have hit a few posts on my what's and why's of doing this, for instance my "Alto's Ritual" post where I covered what I use which addon for (if you haven't seen that post, go check it out, and then come back and finish here, as there are some similar "conversations" you will see).

Recently, the blogosphere was lit up with a new addon called TSM. As always, I am up for trying new things, and this was one of them.

So I went to curse, downloaded the addon and installed it. Blah. What the hell? It said I needed to download more "suites"....if you used this, you know what I mean, as it probably happened to you. So I downloaded them, reluctantly, already frustrated with the hassle of not an all in one download (addons are supposed to be easy, right?).

I was expecting an easy user interface. Call me dumb, but it is far from it. I had some Ink of the Sea left over, so I tried again. After clicking some things (not really sure what, I think it was when I smashed my head on the keyboard a few times) I finially saw something other than a blank screen.  Blood dripping down my forehead....And this ----------->

Finially, I was getting somewhere. I did the logical thing, I hit Craft Next with a killer hook. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Oh shit! Something happened. I made a glyph! Woohoo! Happy days! What's that? Another glyph made? Cool! Really slow in between, I am beginning to think this program is as lost as I am...

As this is happening, I suddenly see a barker for Mysterious Fortune Cards selling in /2 Trade. So I immediately run to the AH and post. I am down to 50 in my bags, but I just milled a bunch of Blackfallow Inks, so I tap my mount (Traveler's Tundra) and buy up 100 parchments. Ok. This tripped me out, thinking something was jacked on Blizz side...I get 40 of common, 50 some of light, 30 of another (dont remember right now) get the picture. Then I realize that this is some part of TSM, like an auto vendor "pull" function. I think....

So I take care of the cards, now back to TSM. So I do the same "head mash" on my keyboard to get this to work for me again, and what happens? I start making glyphs. Again. It crafts a few of each glyph, slow as molasses. On the second set of three (where did this 3 come from anyway?), I decided to go back to my good ol' Auctionator to finish crafting them. I threw in the win by default TSM.

In conclusion, good ol' Auctionator did the job for me, crafting around 70 glyphs in about 10 minutes (including post time). Now if you add in the 15 minutes I spent on TSM making 6 glyphs, I see that I shouldn't have taken on TSM, that Auctionator should have.....

My lesson was learned. Time restraining, I will not get in the ring with something again "blind". I will make sure that my training fits the fight. I promise to have a rematch with this wonder called "TSM".

"BE WARNED, I WILL BE BACK! I will destroy you and make you make me GOLD! Be afraid, be very afraid!" I said to this addon, who has beat me senseless, battered and bruised I walked away from my computer cowering.....

Now you must excuse me, as I have to figure out how to explain the multiple keyboard dots and minor bleeding on my forehead to my wifey. Any suggestions? =)


As always, feel confident on posting a comment. If you have seen any sites that have great TSM "training", holler out! If you hit it on your blog, let me know!


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

Rofl, awesome post Alto. and I have actually looked at the TSM video on, as well as Ele-mental gold had a fantastic write up along with vince over at bank of wukam, take a cruise around all 3 sites :) that and a healthy dose of exploring on day 1 of the beta.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I use TSM for posting to replace Auction Profit Master. But, like you, I found the crafting queue stuff a bit too hefty for my tastes and haven't ventured outside of the posting plugin. And even that I can only use because it's virtually the same as APM.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

LOL this post was excellent,e got TSM whit all the modules but i am still fighting whit it,like Synta said in the previous comment there are some good guides on it on the web like in zoxys and even JMTC,i still need to find the time to play whit but i predict a hard task in hand for me .

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Funny stuff, Alto! I'll be the first to admit that TSM is incredibly intimidating when you first start it up, and though I swear by it now, I still don't trust it 100% on some things. But once you work through it and set everything up, you'll realize just how awesome it really is!

Zoxy, Ele-mental, JMTC, and I all have a random assortment of guides on how to get TSM to work. Zoxy has the most comprehensive compilation, so you should definitely start there. It's really not all that bad to set up, I think it just looks more intimidating than it really is. And as you've noticed, you do have to do some set up before using it :)

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I followed Ele-mental's 2 part guide for the inscription part - worked fine on my lowbie alt so I decided to add it to my other server & my scribe over there - that's when my problems started - I just keep clicking this & that, change some bits & suddenly it works then I go back to my lowbie scribe & it doesn't! lol

Don't even get me started on when I added in JC 'cos inscription seemed to be set up! lol But without it, I don't think I would be posting/cancelling like I am now, so I'm gonna persevere with it - I love it & know it's me causing the probs.

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