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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wondering What Design to Purchase? Let Auctionator Assist in Your Decision

Ok, this post is obviously for Gemmies, but you can utilize this for other professions, so read on...

What I am about to cover is another thing that I do without really realizing it. Thank god for addons, they make the dumb dumber (yeah, me...ahee, ahee). Actually, addons really save ALOT of time. I used to go around and search different websites to find out what is the best tanking, healing, dps, and caster cuts to get, but since Auctionator, they do that for me (kinda). Now you do have to take into consideration how many cuts are available per gem (if you just go off the screen, there might still be cuts that people don't have on your server yet, so take note...). I.E. If they are not all listed, I recommend purchasing the cut as there is no supply in the AH, so you will need to take advantage of that...

Lets cover the different "blue" gems in Cata (and how many "bought" recipies they have):

Amberjewel  - 5
Demonseye  - 11
Dream Emerald  - 10
Ember Topaz  - 12
Inferno Ruby  - 5
Ocean Sapphire  - 4

Alright. Screenie time:

So what do you see? All the cuts are available. This is probably comparable to your server as well. Three out of the five cuts available are BELOW the mats cost. Go figure. And there are a ton of them out there (supply). Now glance down further, and you will see the Mystic Amberjewel cut. Jackpot. Two available, over 100g above mats cost. This is the cut to get. Are you feeling me here? Yeah, it's basic. Nice and easy. Next.....

Basically the same deal here. 34.9g for the mats, but there are much better prices with these cuts. So what we are seeing once again, is that, pending sales, there is up to a 160g profit per gem (if you go with Retaliating Demonseye). You also want to keep in mind that the quantity is low on the Veiled Demonseye, so that would be an option as well. See where I am going with this?

Ok. So what did you see here? If you just said "basic supply and demand", ding! You are correct! This mindset is something as an AH player is probably instilled in your brain. Maybe you have umpteen level 85's, you know who gets what cut, what the best ones are, etc. But once again, this post isn't for everyone. It is meant to help those new to the gem game, or those that don't utilize Auctionator.

Feel free to toss some comments on things that factor how you buy gems, what you base your decisions on, or just what you had for dinner tonight. You choose....

By the way, did you happen to catch my Guest Post over at JMTC? If you didn't, the time is now to go over and view it! Farming Spots At Hyjal


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Good stuff for sure. I love auctionator to gauge prices. But I still don't think you can beat good old! It's usually a safe way to see what gems will sell well, even if they're not the most expensive cuts out there.

Also, I had pizza for dinner.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thats why I decided to post this. Everyone has been talking about wowpopular like it's the new Undermine.

Yes, they will show you what is "popular" (well, kinda.... not really.... They show what "certain" players have- by character. They also state that they scan their information off players in the Armory with the "best gear"- look on the left side of the top of the page, under "How we find what's popular"). I would rather go to my AH and see what is "popular" on my server (specifically).

Look at a few of the items and compare to your server (as I did- you can see the screenie with the retaliating demonseye- in a week, I sell around 10, so one or two a day, more on tues and thurs raid days). Yet wowpopular tells me it isn't the most popular cut. See what i mean? And it's the highest priced cut for that gem. Now that's just one example, but there are quite a few in both gems and glyphs (my main gold makers) that are way I am not able to rely on them, as I am sure quite a few others are in the same boat.

Yes, they have a great site there for maxing your toons (to know what is the most "popular"), but there is server dependendancy when it comes to gold. I am not hating on your comment, just keeping you updated on my gold"ish" advice.

Hahaha. Pizza. That's funny, so did I. But you probably had the nice greasy stuff. I got conned into making a Veggie Pie. Still killer in it's own right, but nothing like a fat slice of Chicago Style Giovanni's.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Touché, Alto! I will definitely take a close look at Auctionator for my next cut :) I finally have a cut for each gem, so the next cut is going to be a pain to decide on... I always get paralyzed by choice.

And yes, I had the good greasy kind of pizza. Though veggie can be quite delicious.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Hi there i never used auctionator what are its major vantages compared to auctioner ,and btw nice guest post in JMTC .

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Auctionator is lighter. Major advantages are that it's lean and easier to learn. What you see in the screenshots is the buy window, which cleans things up a bit. You can also save searches to a 'shopping list'. The Sell tab is a bit cleaner than the standard interface, too.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Alberthus!
Stede hit a few points (Thanks to you too!). In response to your question, I utilize both of them. If you are into playing the AH, download and use them as a team. What one lacks, the other takes care of. You can see my previous post, You Asked, I Answered. Alto’s AH Ritual for a bit more information. I hope that helps, if not, feel free to email or ask in comments!

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Hi again thank you both for the help i already use auctioner , must check auctionator out ,and checking your post Alto .

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