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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Powerleveling your Professions- Alchemists, Alto Needs You!

Powerleveling Professions. Not for the amateur. Not for the feint hearted. Not for the poor..... 0-525 Alchemy cost me just shy of 12K server prices (had I watched the AH for the best prices, or saved mats up, it would have been quite a bit cheaper, but hey, gotta spend gold on something, right?). Now onto my post:

Pushing to get done before the upcoming 4.0.6 Patch, you might remember one of my toons as she has been the "star" of a few of past articles, such as "WTB Port to Dalaran" and "But what about Dalaran" . She is now another Illustrious Grand Master, if for no reason other than to D/E my 2 bank tabs of Carnelian Spikes that I have accumulated over the last few weeks. I have been worrying that the ilvl was too high on these and that Blizzard "might" nerf these soon, so I needed to get her there to ease the "stress" (I do not like to bother others with D/E'ing, not saying it's wrong, but.... I just prefer to do it myself, you know?).

So last night, 2am"ish", after hitting PvP and Random queues', questing, and farming on a constant rotation, I hit 75. Finially. Seemed like forever, as it almost took her seven days /played time to get there (alot of messing around, hitting AH, doing scans, so it should be quite a bit less).

There were a few tough things that I had to do today upon leveling, one of which hurt, bad.....Vendoring the  Lifebound Alchemist Stone for the unreal price of 8g, when just a week ago I could have been D/E'ing it and getting an easy 1K (or more) selling the Maelstrom Crystals....too little, too late on that one. No bozo button for Alto there...

I guess what I am trying to get to with this post is, yeah, powerleveling a profession is expensive. Now, after checking my AH run (with all the pots I made) through 525, I will be getting 3500g back on my Alchemist through this process. Quite a bit of an initial loss.....However, it is well worth it, as I will make the rest back in no time, I am sure of it. Now for my favor from my loyal readers.....

Any of you folks out there have a set "daily routine" for your Alchemist? Transmutes? Dailies? Are there certain flasks/pots that are selling well for you? On certain days? Holler!

If you would like to go further in depth, or if you are interested in doing a guest post on this topic, feel free to email me at! If that doesn't seem feasable for you, how about a link to a blog that you feel would help? Or a few comments on what has worked, what doesn't work?

You know, you are my hero by doing this. Yes, you. I am talking to you. The one that is reading this right now. Or typing an answer now. Or writing an email......Thank you. Talk to yall soon!


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

I have two alchemists atm, 1 x-mute and one a post cataclysm PL'ed Exlir spec, and man did it hurt the pocket book. However, I have toyed with making one of the Two Potion spec, "burst" pots (potion of the Tol'vir, and Volcanic Potions) are selling for between 125 and 250g per stack of 5, and with the 4.06 "buff" to potions of treasure finding thier value may increase, and of course the Steady need of mana and health Pots for almost everyone that instances, or raids.

Mouse2k said... Reply To This Comment

I mainly use shadowspirit and inferno ruby xmute.. upwards to 150g/50g respective profit

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

My alchemist is an xmute master, and I mainly use him for the Shadowspirit xmute. As far as the daily xmute goes, you can rarely beat Volatile Life - Air. Though since you need to get to Uldum, that might not be as easy for your lvl 75 as it is for someone who has opened the portal to Uldum. From what I've heard, the easiest way if you can't port there directly is to take the portal in Dal to the Caverns of Time, and then just fly into Uldum.

I've yet to mess with potions and elixirs/flasks, but when 4.0.6 hits, I'm thinking of switching to Elixir Mastery and giving it a go. Something seems a little off about SS xmutes (my theory is the RNG believes getting x3 SS diamonds is a double proc, not a one extra proc like it actually is, but i've yet to test this out with a different xmute), and the scarcity of daily procs really makes me thing xmute is no longer worth it. I believe I'd get much more use out of procs for flasks and elixirs.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

I have yet to level up a alquimist ,rigth now i am leveling up a engineer and a inscriptor.Maybe next time i will make a alqui for the Vyle of the Sands ^^

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for all the ideas! I really apppreciate them! I am currently sniffing out the servers prices, and I am seeing a few viable options, it seems that truegold is worthless (anyone know a procrate on them?) unless you get multiples, I will actually take a loss on the mats. The SS seems great, as cost versus sale is around 160/515 (for the double, not the triples) so that has brought in a few thousand already for me. =)

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I missed this somehow :( I use my xmute alch for the daily volatile transmute, the shadowspirit diamonds & converting excess zephyrites to ocean sapphires.

I am not doing the life>air transmute every day because I am feeding them to my LW'er, scribe & enchanter so I use the portals to go where I need to. Having your alt at 75 will make that tough but tbh, all volatiles sell at a higher price than lifes anyway. I get fairly regular procs on SS diamonds if I do 7 transmutes, I find that at least 2 will be procs of 3.

I'm still trying to get honoured with guild on my alch/herb alt so I'm questing & finishing off cata zones - herbing along the way so if I get enough herbs, I usually make the potion of treasure finding - they are selling around the 250g mark on my server.

Azz said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting comments. I have one Alch who is xmute spec. Daily I fly to Uldum for the Life->Air xmute. Unfortunately, I have only had one proc from this of 15 Volatile Earth. I have done this daily for a couple of weeks, and thought I would have had better luck. Before that I sold my Truegold xmute, or made Truegold myself and sold it on the AH. All in all, I think the Life to Air is the best to burn the CD, even if I do have to take the FP from Org to Uld. I haven't got into flasks or pots, other than the ones needed for my main.

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