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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alto's Common "Cents"- Back to the Basics for Your AH Sales

*Update- I did change the title and where I was going with today's scoop as it was eerily similar to a like minded individual (Ali from Adventures in Warcraft) that had a guest post at JMTC today.

Ok folks. I have a few things that I am going to cover with this post. As you know, I mainly talk about what I am doing in WoW, what has been working for me, what my predictions are, etc, etc, etc.....
I have a few quick things I am going to go over today, if for anything (or nothing) else, they are here to make you think. First off, I am going to hit on a tell that I received the other night....

Setting Prices. Is it a monopoly on the market if there is two working the "system"? As you know, being a loyal reader (hopefully) of mine, you are aware that I have alot of Scribes on my server (thus a ton of competition). When I was working the Mysterious Fortune Cards the other night, this tell popped on my screen. I thought to myself "Cool, make a few extra gold per, I am game". Did it work? Yeah, for 10 minutes until another scribe came on the scene. Go figure. I think the [tell above] was getting bothered that I wasn't barking, they were, and that I was undercutting them like there was no tomorrow.

Now the few stacks of cards only cost me 10ish gold (each) to make, so as long as I was above that mark, I was profiting. With the new competitor, I dropped my cards "fighting" with them until they had them up for less than 10g each. Two stacks worth. In singles, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's. Bought em up, marked them up to 16g each, and logged out. Woke up the next morning with 6.5K from fortune cards.

Make sense?

I was reading in patch notes for 4.0.6 that there is now [another] use for Murglesnouts in cooking. I don't see this to be a great moneymaker, but if I get profit for any sale, it adds to the bottom line, right? So I hit the AH and see that these are currently pretty cheap.

So I bought em out. All of em. And still buying. Why? A tiny investment for a tiny profit. But if I make a gold each, thats a few gold that I didn't have before. If I take a loss on them? I have plenty of food. And the loss is minimal. Risk or (for) Rewards?

Make sense?

Since alot of the Milling/Prospecting is becoming no longer profitable (or as profitable) as it has been for the last month, most servers you are probably noticing that it is barely a break even option anymore (until the masses fall away from it, which is destined to happen as with any "new" gold making opportunity), I have been focusing on day to day price changes, supply and demand of goods that I have in my banks, and that I farm (which is slim lately, as my WoW time is barely reaching an hour a day for the last week).

Now looking at these, what are you seeing? The same that I am? The Highland Guppy "was" averaging 4.5g Market Price, but my scan today told me that they are hitting 30g each. So what do I do? Hit the bank and sell at half price, and sell two stacks @ 300g.

Make sense?

Now I look at the Sensei's Dream Emerald. I have a few sitting in the bank, not a killer seller by any means. Same story. 144g "Market" selling price, 200g today. So I toss a few into the mix, and by my evening check, I sold two at 185g each.

Make sense?
Now I do this with quite a few items on a daily basis, as should you. No one can truly guess their servers supply and demand on any given day for every item, we can only guess. Or wait and see....

I guess my point of this post is don't second guess yourself when it comes to AH hunting/buying/selling. Don't get me wrong, there are "constants" when it comes to your Auction House, but there are always other ways to make gold. Go to the AH, click scan, go start the dishwasher, do the laundry, take the dog out, whatever, come back, and hit your bank. See what you have in stock to sell. What are the comparison prices? What are you buying your "stock" at? The 10% threshold (see an old post on my AH ritual here). Then keep one bank (or tab, or what-have-you) of just those bought at that price. Then you will know without thinking what is instant profits for you.

Make sense? Or better yet.....Common "Cents"?


Ven said... Reply To This Comment

So if you know your AH ,you know what sells and don´t sells,and you study your AH scans you can make Gold? Is that what are you trying to say Alto?

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

You are so right about knowing your market as the key to profits. I just wrote an entire post on that very subject that was featured at JMTC today. By knowing your market, you have the potential to make huge profits because you can quickly pick up on things that other sellers (and buyers) who aren't familiar with the market miss.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No clue what I am trying to get at with this post Alberthus. I guess it's to make people re-think about common sense AH'ing, which I forget about time to time (so I figure that other's do too). Just a post about reminding folks to get back to basics once in a while.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

I made a similar post in my blog today,people always try to make things complicated ,wend sometimes things are so simple ,you are right common sense wins every time .

Research Sourcery said... Reply To This Comment

First off, thank you so much for your blog. I love reading your posts. However I can't find any mention of Murglesnout becoming useful after the patch. :( Did they change the patch notes or am I just missing something?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No problem, I appreciate the thanks!

From what I am understanding, they are not "useful" in a word, they cook non-buff food, but the recipe that they are using them for will help with the gap in leveling cooking. So gold wise, they will be sellable for more of a use other than a "junk" pet food...It's an undocumented change so far, but it's current in PTR.

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