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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sturdy Treasure Chest...Part Deux....Another BoE Blue, with Sprinkles on Top?!

So I had a previous post about the "new" chests in good ol' classic vanilla, finding one in the Plaguelands. Now running around, I found another spawn.... in Black Tooth Hovel, formerly the Pillar of Ash, and it is located in central Burning Steppes. Just look for a funny building"ish" with some big ol' ogres hanging around (33.5, 52.8 on your map).

Drum roll please......not only do you get a BoE blue and a bit of change, you get a whole lotta XP - 10K plus to be exact. So now, you can herb, ore, and chest for exp. I am starting to wonder if WoW is heading the right direction. Am I wrong in thinking that? It just seems it is getting crazy easy to level lately.


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