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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mysterious Fortune Cards- Do You Sell or Open?

Ok, Ok. There has been alot of information and posts of Mysterious Fortune Cards. As you know, I had a previous post on them, and had little if no luck on any epics.....However, I have been bitten by the bug myself (only for the sheer fact of actually opening up a 5K card), and have not seen one yet, only in link. After posting 100 in differing stacks this morning, I had a few left, and decided to open them.....

Drum roll please....Ok, so not the 5K, but I will take a 1K nonetheless! /smile =)

I know it's been a while since I posted "The Openings" as there has been a bit of backlash from other bloggers ("Yeah, anyone that buys mats from farmers can make that kind of gold", "you support gold farmers by buying mats in bulk, you even say so in your posts").

I do want to clear that up. I couldn't tell ya. Don't know. When someone says in chat they are selling mats cheap, I buy them. Are they gold sellers? Who knows. Have I been offered to buy what seemed like a full bank worth of stuff? Yup. Did I do it? Nope. Probably was a theif, logging into someone elses stolen account...Yes, they were reported btw (Rypkin, if you read this, I hope you got your account back!). But anyways, if the readers want them, they get them! If you are new to the blog, check back posts to see how I do it. =) I am definitely not the best, those props go to Markco, but I enjoy trying to catch up to ya!

Can you tell I slacked a little? Those were from earlier in the week, when I didn't log in but for a minute to get the SS, no adding auctions/playtime...
But here is one from this morning....finially back on track.


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