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Friday, December 17, 2010

The New WoW Crack- Mysterious Fortune Cards

Well, I hope you all had a chance to hit up the IRC Chat tonight sponsored by none other than JustMyTwoCopper. If not, the topic of the night (and it's still going on) is Mysterious Fortune Cards.

To quote one of the posters, Xaiadar, "I have to say, I did not expect my level 68 scribe to be my best gold earner this expansion so far!"

So I asked how well people are doing with selling tonight...

Xaiadar about 60k so far
Shifty__ i've only made about 15k around i think
bakon i made 1100g
Sykez about 3k... at 4-6am
Xaiadar I've got to be getting close to 60k profit today

And then this came up:

Xaiadar a tell I just got: " you should give me some of those cards for free because I spent a lot on them"
AltosGoldishAdv are you selling alot of singles, or what? god, i opened 200ish when I was leveling, and didn't get a 5K. I just wanted it for a screenshot.
AltosGoldishAdv HAHAHAHA @ Xaiadar
Xaiadar all singles
AltosGoldishAdv toss em one for free.....why not?
Wukam lol, might as well
Xaiadar lol, done

I still have some sitting in the AH, and they are slow moving, but have had a few sell. Maybe my server doesn't have the addicts on it as much as the others, or maybe the hype hasn't hit yet. I know myself, I have opened quite a few (around 200ish- during leveling- just wanting to get the 5K so I can show ya'll a screenie, but no luck, just some greens, 5g and 20g's). I SS'd a tab for ya anyways...

Instead of counting them in the pic, here's the numbers:

45 @ 10s
14 @ 50s
15 @ 1g
16 @ 5g
8 @ 20g

I do want to see a screen shot of the 5K Card. Anyone seen one? I heard on the chat that people were linking them, and that they have "dropped", but not entirely sure, until I see it myself.

There is word that these are selling in ridiculous amounts for ridiculous gold. However, I will not be able to get in on this too much, as I will not be around much this weekend, Christmas parties....ugh....

So we have a few more hotfixes coming up I am guessing, so keep an eye out as usual.

*Thanks to Xaiadar, Shifty, Bakon, and Sykez for allowing me to post their accomplishments!


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Let's support addictions in WoW

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

This really makes me wish I had a high-level scribe, but I'm glad you guys are making some gold off it. By the time I get leveled high enough to make these, the novelty will have worn off and I'm sure it will have settled down to a commodity market on the AH, if it's left at all.

Just proves how valuable diversity truly is - every profession seems to have a sweet spot in Cataclysm, but if you've got em all, you can make gold off it all.

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