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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mist Piercing Goggles- Forager's Gloves- Must have Gear for Herbalism and Mining in Pandaria

Mist Piercing Goggles, taught by a schematic for engineers (using 8 Ghost Iron Bolts and 2 Spirits of Harmony) is one of the must have items for farming in Pandaria. Why you ask? For a small investment off the AH (or by crafting your own) you can get extra nodes from both Herbs and Ore. The Undermine Journal states that these can be picked up at nearly every auction house out there, from as little as 10g to just over 3K. A wise purchase at any price if you are a heavy farmer.....

Since using these goggles, I have seen approximately a 10% improvement in nodes. Let me rephrase that....10% more Herbs....And also, they are kinda sexy (FYI- supposedly, you do not have to wear them to get the 'buff', but why wouldn't you when they look this good!?)

In nearly two hours of straight farming on my gatherer toon, I saw only one, yes one, extra Ore node.

Compare that to 32 extra nodes of herbs. At the current prices of Mist Piercing Goggles on the AH, I figure that my tiny investment of 420g (lol'd at that price....) was paid for in the first 15 minutes.

The nodes are easy to spot as 'freebies' using these goggles....they appear as a Misty (hence the name) cloud around the plant/rock. Comparing to gathering statistics, I do not see they are necessarily 'new' locations, they just allow quicker spawnrates in an area. Extra is good, right?!

For an even bigger boost in your Gathering professions, you might just want to take a farm route in Kun-Lai Summit near the rare mob Korda Torros to getcha a pair of Forager's Gloves to speed up your picking/mining as well! It's only a 10'ish percent droprate, but hey, who's counting right?!

It's too bad you cannot get the Forager's Gloves off the AH like the  Mist Piercing Goggles, but with your luck, of course they will drop!



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