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Saturday, September 22, 2012

What to do First on Sept 25th MoP launch- Digital Download

As MoP release is soon to come to fruition, I am here. And I am setting up a gameplan for midnight next tuesday. So what's happening? Be Prepared.....To be one of the first on my server to hit my Gameplan (soon to be released posts), you need to be logged into the game on 12am PDT for US servers (see link below).

Easy. Here's the start of my preparation:

1. PreOrder Mists of Pandaria:

I have already done this and [to my current knowledge] it is currently downloaded in wait for blizz to open their servers....

The official Mists of Pandaria launch times are as follows:

With this expansion, we’re using a new bit of tech that will unlock the expansion content, make the intro quest magically pop up in your quest log, and allow you to begin playing the expansion immediately without the need to log out and back in. If everything goes as planned this will be a smooth transition to the adventures that await you in the new continent.

See you in-game!

The time is nearly upon us as the mists begin to part and a new age of discovery amidst turmoil begins! For those of you prepared to begin your adventures the moment Mists of Pandaria is launched in your region, we’ve put together some important details that should get your expedition underway.

As soon as we activate the new expansion content on launch, players who already have a Mists of Pandaria license with the data installed will gain instant access. If you’re in the game when the clock strikes midnight, you don’t even have to logout!

So, what happens at midnight for those of us with Mists ready to go?

  • A yellow System Message will appear in your Chat Log telling you to visit Orgrimmar or Stormwind to start your travels.

  • Level-85 characters will receive a new quest, no matter where they are in the world, which will guide them to Varian or Garrosh for further orders. If you’re online at midnight you will receive the quest even if your Quest Log is full -- or you can visit Varian or Garrosh to get started on your journey to Pandaria.

  • Level-85 players will notice their experience bars automatically change so that experience can once again be earned.

  • Players who are at the Character Creation screen at midnight will notice the button to create a monk character will be enabled.

We’ve been very hard at work on this new technology with the goal of ensuring that players can enjoy a more stable and seamless transition into the next expansion than ever before. Our staff will be monitoring realm stability and gameplay issues around the clock, as we want to provide you with the best experience possible.

We’ll see you on Pandaria!

So get to, purchase your digital copy, and utilize the blizzard background downloader. Do It! Do It Now!

Stay tuned for my next prep's posts coming soon!



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