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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

GW2 Sites/Blogs: How To Make Gold on the Trading Post

GW2: I have (with regret) decided not to venture into this new world. Although it seems the gold making aspect would be a fun gig (multiple opportunities), I have found I have little time to even attempt to start a new game. So why am I posting about it?

This post is directly in response to a few emails that I have been receiving, one of which stood out a bit more than the others on GW2. It was from a reader that was asking me about my views if a certain GW2 guide was a scam or not. With a bit of research and previous experience in reviewing guides, I gave another option:

There are plenty of sites in any gaming niche that are better than most *paid* guides anyways, with very few exceptions. But that is another post. For now, lets get to the gooey center....GuildWars2.

Since I haven't played the game thoroughly, just a bit over at my bud's house, you probably won't see another post on GuildWars2 unless I actually get into the game, however I will cover some great informative sites for you GW2 goodness. I hope these will help you in your quest for virtual goldies....


Here is one of my favorites. It's not filled with time consuming pages that are just fluff and buff. A site dedicated to profession leveling, plain and simple. Exact steps, quantities, and great how to suited to your needs. 


Reddit. Well, all that visit this site will know why this is on the list. You might have to filter through a bunch of spam to get there, but finding one post out of a hundred makes it worth it. Screen shots, lore, generic meme's are the norm here. But finding specifics is like a needle in a haystack. Great info, just not always the fastest to get what you want....


This site is authored currently by Markco (foldberg1) who most of us know from WoW/D3. Markco has written paid guides for multiple sites, and I am sure one is to follow for GW2 as well. Some informative little tidbits from this blog, and I am sure guest posts are following. Either way, good intel for now, check it out!


This site is authored by Adam Doll (dollada06). Doll is known for hating against paid guides (except for his affiliate post recently on a paid guide- I got a kick out of the fact that he said "I don't do these reviews to sell guides for them" yet there are affiliate links for the guide- not sure what to think about that- you come to your own decision there..) and makes posts on a seemingly regular basis. Seems that some are his and some are written by others. Overall, content seems usable.


On first glance, this seems like an Undermine Journal for GW2. Commodities/Gems/Gearing charts on sales/profitability for items being sold on the Trading Post. Really cool idea for making gold....this would be my #1 site for sure. Navigation seems decent, not sure about the accuracy, but would definitely be utilizing it.


Well, there you go. A few sites to get your taste buds wet for information. And of course, there is always google or the forums.  

*Once again, I do not play GW2, this is a post with a few well known sites that friends/acquaintances have mentioned they are using. I hope the info helps!



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