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Thursday, August 30, 2012

MogIt Addon Broken in 5.0.4? Here's the fix!

EDIT: After finding out that there could be a problem with this post, it was shut down. I contacted the Project Manager of the MogIt addon about this workaround. I expressed my sincere apologies to them and well wishes on the great addon we all know as "MogIt".

I received a message back and it looks like the slight delay in updating the addon is due to a few changes prepatch that weren't fully implemented, but it should be available by the end of the week!

Great news! All my fellow MogIt'ers will be happy once again!

Keep an eye on your Curse Client for updates!

So....MogIt's broken. And it hasn't been updated on Curse. What do you do?

Another post, another reader/follower fixing problems and creating answers...

Or in this case, new API's (don't know what they are, but MogIt works now!).

First off, I want to thank Yoyumm@Marquizz_Desade on twitter (toss him a follow!). If it wasn't for him (and @SocoWoWs tweet saying it was broken) this wouldn't be available for you.

Most of you reading this will know how addons work. Well, adding them into your WoW folder at least. If you don't need help, here's your download from zippyshare (I scanned it, no virus or malware- it's safe). And yes, I have downloaded it myself, and tested. It works like a champ!

This is the image you will see from zippyshare

*Be careful, and only use the "download now" button shown above. There are alotta ads on the site, so be careful. But you knew that already, right?


Download and save to desktop.


Unzip the file- When you open MogIt Files, it'll look like this


Highlight and copy these files (or you can do a Crrl and A- Copy All)


Now get into your WoW addon folder. You should know where this is. You can see here mine is located in Games< World of Warcraft < Interface < Addons


With your addon folder open, now right click and paste. You should see something like this:

No worries, just check the box for "Do this for all current conflicts (11 found)" and click "YES"

Ok, almost done. After the step above, you will now see this. Check the box, and see the "COPY AND REPLACE" at the top of the window? Click on that one.

Now, if you followed the steps correctly, you should have your Addon window open, and you will see this (see the items highlighted?):


And please. Do not thank me. I am just a middleman. The thanks go directly to the man that fixed this issue, Yoyumm@Marquizz_Desade .

Thank you kind sir, I appreciate the time well spent fixing one of our favorite addons.


There are a few questions about doing this with macs, and since I don't use 'em, I cannot step by step for you. However, this video might help....


Maddy said... Reply To This Comment

Mm... How do I get this to work on Mac?
The MogIt addon on my computer is divided into many different folders, so just copying those files into the general addons folder would not work.

Draynee said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks so much for this! I had to delete my old files and move these new ones in for it to work, but yay! Now, if someone could just figure out how to turn of the new 'light from the right side' glow

Equarai said... Reply To This Comment

Does this not work for Macs? Instead of folders, I got .exe files.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I added a video for Mac users....might help, might not. I have no idea. I hate apples.


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