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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maxed Item Stats Info Diablo 3- What's It Worth?

"How do I price X item" "What is this item worth" "How do you price your RMAH items versus GAH (gold auction house)" and "What stats do you look for to flip items?".

I have received emails, comments, DM's and overall questions similar to those above. To give an all out post on how and why I do what I do would take building a guide to explain. And I don't plan on doing that ATM. But what this post entails is a brief summary of what I look for and how I price my items.

To make the most money (be it gold or RMAH) in Diablo III, you need to be the best priced on the best gear that is for sale. Well, duh.

What I mean by that is to be highly successful, you need to sell the best of the best. Below, you will see a few charts showing the top stats for gear. If you aren't even 50% of that, you are talking nickles and dimes (10's to 100's of thousands, not millions- or no sales on RMAH vs 10-100$ sales).

When I am searching the AH for flips, or even farming NV stacks for loot, I have a few rule(s) of thumb for posting items:

----It's gotta be yellow. Rare. Gotta have other stats that are worthy, albeit small (>50)

----If there isn't two main 100+ stats on gear, I don't bother.

----If there isn't a 200+ primary and +resist all, pass on it.

----If it's blue, with two good stats (above formula), I sell. If not, blues are discharged.

----If it's "top tier" (below charts) with GF or MF single, maybe. If decent GF and MF with stats? That was my highest sale so far, 112$ in pocket.

These are a few starters to get you thinking. Sure, they might be opposite of what you do, and you have sales. Or they might be exact to what you do, and you aren't getting sales. Like I mentioned above, to squeeze knowledge into one post is tough, so they are a bit generic. If I get specific questions though, I will do my best to answer them for you...

Now for a few examples:

Here you have a good item. It beats my 100+ two main stats (172 dex and 165 Vit), plus it has movement speed. Definitely worthy of RMAH. Although I would only post around 10$ (give or take the competition on similar gear), this would easily fetch 5-6mil currently on GAH. All this item is missing is +resist all, which would multiply my selling price by 10. Sexy item.

Here we have a 140 plus in two main categories, a crit bonus (big selling point for barbs with the other stats), and a lvl requirement. Sure stats look good right off, However once again, +resist all is key for big money. This item is sure to get 500K for a short sale (fast), but currently would sell for 1-2mil over a few posts. Flirtable item, but not tops or bis.

Here is an exception. Although the 100+ rule doesn't apply, we have decent str, a near perfect +70 resist all (see chart, +80 is max), crit damage and crit chance. Great set of paws here. 5-10mil on GAH, around 10-20$ on RMAH. This is a great example of +resist all. This is a common item (maybe 100K) without resist. With it? Killer monies.

You might notice when I am comparing GAH vs. RMAH, the conversion is around 2 dollars per million. You also might recall the last time you saw gold seller spam in general chat. Yup, that's correct. They are the current "marketers" of pricing, whether I like it or not, the conversion seems to follow the prices they are selling for. /shrug. Who knew? Gold sellers affect the economy in an economy based game? Anyways.....

You got my "gotta have" stats to sell, you have a few examples, and now here are the charts I spoke about above. The OP is, I can not take claim for the work, although they seem fairly accurate. Here are the charts I utilize:


"Main Stat- Secondary Stat"

GF-MF (gold find/magic find)

*You can click on the image to make a bit bigger, you might actually be able to read it then!


Daniel said... Reply To This Comment

Great article, really good info…

So, does all this information still apply now that the game has been out for a month now?

Thanks Alto!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yessir, I just posted this a few days ago. With the constant influx of changes, a HUGE amount of auctions via AH/RMAH, I have seen items/gear fluctuate 10 fold in one week, both up and down.

The market is completely volatile right now, and with more and more folks getting to 60 (even the casual players), all kinds of people are rocking both auction houses. Prices are getting lower every day, and with 48 hour auctions, that makes it difficult to predict the waves. At least for now.

Hope that answers your questions!


Daniel said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry, I just realized the date on this article is in July...ignore the question Alto...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi alto, I just dusted off diablo because i finally ended my lolWoW sub for obvious reasons. This is a really great starter guide for me but was wondering if you were intending to post an in depth guide as you had mentioned above. I just hit Hell tonight and I'm sitting around the 100k gold bench mark... I could really use some tips/advice how to rake in more gold at the moment. Long time follower on all your WoW posts and look forward to seeing more Diablo content in the future. Thanks Alto!

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