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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Diablo Patch 1.0.3 - IAS Change and Inferno ilvl's

With D3's new patch launching today, here are a couple main topics that I am betting on to maximize my RMAH sales, Increased Attack Speed change and ilvl farming/pricing items differently than pre patch. As with any patch/change/nerf/hotfix, there are many, many possibilities to profit, and this post covers a few. Enough jibber jabber, here you go:

Full Patch Notes can be seen at:

Changes to Increased Attack Speed:

Upon reading the "nerf" patch notes, a few things popped out, but not as much for the "salesman" as IAS. It is getting "fixed", supposedly decreasing its' power. Well, that is how the blues note it....but here's the kicker....they are not adjusting the quivers (which I have already stocked up a few decent ones), so keep that in mind with the new pricing (or your "flipping" items).

There is alot of slam and chat about selling off the gears with IAS stats, so I will be on a quick search when servers come up and also throughout the weekend to snatch up some good deals. My personal feeling is that if they are to adjust the gear #'s, they will only be able to do so on "new" items, so those items with the 2.1-2.6 speed you have now will be items might be topping out at 1.1-1.6. Sure, this assumption could be totally wrong, and the nerf could come about in some other way, but can you nerf a percentage without changing it all together? It's kinda like brushing your teeth with oreo's. Kinda defeats the purpose....

ilvl Drop Changes

I wasn't sure how to title this one, so bear with me, because I have an influx of information for you. First, Blizz has decided that since the whole Diablo series is about "farming" and not gameplay (as opposed to the ever evolving WoW expansions), and all the QQ'ing on the forums (it's not easy, derp herp derpity doo), they gave us a list of what the RNG (random number generator- i.e. estimated droprates) are going to be set in the patch:

What this shows me is more competition on "end game" gear, as farming at lower levels will produce better and more consistent gears... 

Ok, okay. Now you are wondering about ilvl's. Well, Blizz noted that this would be added in a future patch (in some sort of tooltip), but if it doesn't happen today, here's a quick list (obviously, this is geared toward end game items). Sure, you can go to the website, look everything up, or you can just view these (spreadsheet found on the internets, not sure of it's location, so I cannot take credit for it's work or errors that might be within):

As for pricing this gear, it's not as easy as "I list all ilvl 61's at 400K, 62's at 1-3mil, and 63's at 5-10mil". However, that can be a safe bet, believe it or not. Since there are literally thousands of different items and setups that occur on a strictly random basis (RNG), it's all about stats, baby.

The best way I have figured to find my price-points is to do a top three stats on your gear search and post accordingly. Sure, some say undercut heavy (by 25-50%) and make more sales or undercut slightly and it will still sell, just give it time....and really, it's up to you to decide. Both situations work, it's up to you and the [unknown] buyer that defines which is best.

I am hoping to post a bit more consistently, however it will only be on D3 until WoW gets more love in the upcoming xpac.

To answer other questions: My main is a Barbarian. No, I haven't killed Diablo Inferno (Seige on two death farm). Yes, I farm pony level (hell) and Act 1/2. Yes, I have sold items on RMAH (only 61$ so far, averaging 3-4$ per sale). No, I do not sit on the AH like I did in WoW, I actually enjoy the game. And no, I have not paid more than 500K for any item bought off the gold auction house and I am still decently geared (but not where I want to be). And last but not least:

I am not a Diablo III guru. I am a former WoW AH "pro" and still working on figuring out who/what/when/where and why D3 seems to be so appealing to me on so many levels....

Till next time,



Bristal said... Reply To This Comment

I'm really liking the gameplay, too, and a little perplexed why. My first RMAH sale definitely gave me a zing, but the action is very entertaining. Although I will tolerate very little lag, despite a much higher tolerance in WoW.

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