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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Solo "Farming": Fiery Warhorse, Blue Proto Drake and Raven Lord

Every now and then, I get requests for my "daily ritual". And although most days are similar, I have seemed to change them up since 4.3 (and the introduction of transmog).

- Log in to Main. (if transmogs auctions have ended on AH toon, I log in there first, posting all transmogs for 48 hours, and sit and relist - about 40-45 minutes with one smoke break- I fluctuate on daily sales, but if I don't hit 6-8K in my inbox it's a rarity).

- Open mail, collect funds (this is my scribe and jewelcrafter- really only sells glyphs)

- Repost ended auctions, do an AH scan to recup data and craft all glyphs over 50g profit (normally around 20-30). About 10 minutes total.

- Take the portal to blasted lands from Org.

- Rare Rotation by @faidtastic.

- Now, take the portal to BC.

- Flightpath to Shatt- Take rare route (through NPCScan) and make my way to Sethlikk Halls for a quick Reins of the Raven Lord Mount (don't know this guy, but he was the first video link when I googled. And, I didn't watch it, but meh, peeps like video, so here you go!)

Oh, and by the way, make sure you have one of your rep tabards on (double duty, kill two birds with one stone, jumbo shrimp, whatever). Currently, I have the Bilgewater Cartel equipped so I can get the poor man's Chopper, the Goblin Turbo-Trike.

- Now, I equip my Kirin Tor ring for a quick portal to Dalaran, and take the FP near Utgarde Pinnacle for a Skadi Run to get the Blue Drake. A very easy solo. Once again, a video added for reference, have no clue who it is....

- This consists of my daily, as you can only run heroics once per day. So until I get them, these will be ran as much as I can (I unfortunately don't have the time to log in every day, but I try. WoW is my "keep me sane" medicine.....)

- On Tuesday's, I have two more dungeons that I run:

- Karazhan for a chance at another mount from the first boss, Attuemen (the Fiery Warhorse Reins). Once again, easily soloed

- Now you might wonder why I don't list Magister's Terrace and Kael'thas Sunstrider for the Swift White Hawkstrider. That's what got me in this mount trouble in the first place. I was just doing a transmog run when I happened upon it. And after getting the links above, I noticed he drops a pet too, so I guess it's back in my weekly rotation....Phoenix Hatchling. I will get the Mini Ashes. Yes, I will...

So there you go. My rotation. Of course, there are other things that pop up (like the Scholo chest run or the "even better" UBRS run), but for the most part, that's my deal. Not focusing so much on goldmaking (other than the transmog drops from above), unless you include the normal stuff (gems here and there, enchants, some recipe and pet flipping). 

More of my time lately is playing the game (LFR) and my solo runs. My days of hanging in Org most of my online time is over for now. Doing the things in game that I have slacked on.

Are you doing solo runs for mounts/pets? What are you soloing? Did I miss something? I would love to add another solo to my regime, whatcha got? Did you even read this far, or did you give up? Holler up, lemme know!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hey bad news.. Al'ar doesn't drop Ashes of Al'ar:(( Kael'thas Sunstrider drops it. And it's hard to solo (except if you are a DK..) even with 3 people you can wipe it.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

So.....Al'ar doesn't drop Ashes of Al'ar? Big waste of time there....

See? This is why I post on goldmaking and not on soloing...

Updated post.


farli said... Reply To This Comment

i would add shattered halls heroic, nice for greens,cloth and the primals from the mob after the last boss, if you luck out on air or water you are making good money.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Great idea about farming the al'ar mount, its an awesome mount... except Al'ar doesn't drop the mount! Kael does >.<

Bloodshrike said... Reply To This Comment

I HAAAATE waiting for flights, so on my main, I have my hearth set to Stonebreaker Hold (Horde), then just fly over to Auchindoun for Sethekk Halls. When Anzu doesn't drop the mount again, I fly to Shattrath, take the portal to Quel'danas for Magister's Terrace. From there, I use the engineering wormhole generator to warp directly to Utgarde Pinnacle. After that, I just use my Dalaran teleport ring, or one of my guild teleport cloaks to quickly get back to Orgrimmar.

Gear said... Reply To This Comment

Argent dailies are quick and not really out of the way if you are porting to dalaran anyways. You have the option of spending your tokens on pets or mounts to keep or in some cases sell for large profits.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the tip farli!

Blood, great route! Sounds like you might have done it a few times....well, hopefully you can take a few off the list. Good luck!

Gear, I think I might add those...never got into doing them.

Bloodshrike said... Reply To This Comment

@Alto - lol, well, that was a solid month of farming Anzu and Skadi, no mount. I haven't done it in a while. But the White Hawkstrider did drop the first time I did MT.

As for the Argent Tournament, once you Champion each of the 5 factions, and are exalted with the Argent Tournament, you can buy a teleport tabard for 50 of those precious tokens, that instantly ports you to the AT. Well worth it imo. 6 Crusaders so far....

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Great run! Another one for your list perhaps, Malygos 10. A few classes had succes on soloing that. If it proves a nuisance, you could easily two-man it now, and just pay the buddy for a large sum for the drop.

Also, you could solo normal Stonecore/Vortex Pinnacle for mounts :-P

I recently changed mains. So I got a similar, really long daily list :x (Argent tournament amongst others..)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

If you are in Icecrown doing the Argent Tournament dailies, you may as well add the achievement for a chance at Kirin Tor Familiar. A little tired of the gold grind, it got too repetitive.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

As Mage, I can solo VP every 10-15min. Got my mount 38th tries. Hunter also solo normal stonecore

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Could be wrong on this, but I think you can only get BC rep in BC dungeons. At least that was the case when I was doing the Blue Chicken run.

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