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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free WoW Gold Guide - No fluff, No buff. Seriously.

Making gold in WoW. Some folks need a nudge. There are many paid gold guides out there that state "make 10K in a hour", "make 50K a day, automatically", "craft one item, buy from these vendors". You name it, there is someone selling a product.   My guide is no longer for sale. Until Panda releases, you will not see a price tag on it. Why? Nothing new is out there for gold making that isn't free written on a blog somewhere. 

My guide was new. No guide before [the one you see below] covered topics that I hit on. It was new strategies. I ran folks through what I did and what I used to make my millions. But as time passed, it seemed that people just copied and pasted my information into their guides. I was the innovator, they are the imitators. Just look at the dates of screenshots and you will see. Right now, I know of six guides that have the same exact information in theirs, charging you money for it.

For some time now, I have had links to this guide, but I feel that it is time to give it to you kind folks in a blogpost. As I mentioned, this was written nearly a year ago, so information is just that, a year old. You might already know the tips within, but any way you look at it, if you like my writing here on my blog, you will enjoy the guide.

This guide was originally a template for my coaching program: in other words, when someone is new to goldmaking and didn't know much about "seek and destroy", I would refer them to this. It teaches the basic tools to get you into the gold game, and by utilizing the information inside, you will have a jump start on your competition. It's fairly simple, broken down by addons, websites I use (and how you should use them), and a few tactics I have employed to be successful.

Those that have purchased my guide, I will have a Pandaria expansion, although I am not sure how/what/when/where I will be doing so (no guide is currently for sale). There have already been quite a few changes, and with the Beta time fast approaching, I will be getting the nitty gritty of the new gold making possibilities just as I have every patch since I started this little blog. Like this guide, I will provide information that is new. That people aren't aware of. That isn't posted a thousand times on a thousand blogs. Just keep tuned in and I will update as I go....

Now this isn't saying that I will not complete updates in the future, you can see the 4.3 Update is already considered "old" by most standards (you can see the original date on the TuJ part- March 28, 2011- Has it been a year already? WOW!) . Feel free to utilize the tools inside, but once again, the info is nearly a year old, so take it with a grain of salt...With that being said, there are still some things that you might not be aware of...check it out!

Yeah, I know. It's tiny print. What you can do is scroll to the bottom, and you will see something like this:

See that "zoom in" plus button? Sure. Yeah, that one. Click it a few times to read on the page. Better? 

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Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, poor, poor anonymous...

I am not full of myself by any means. I was merely stating that the information within the guide hadn't been written about before, let alone been taught in a guide (but since I wrote it, many guides have used the information from it and reproduced nearly word for word).

Trolling is just that, trolling.



Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, you know I love you, but I think it's a bit big-headed of you to assume people are "copy/pasting" your guide and selling it as their own.

Granted, I haven't seen many guides. I will be the first one to say some of them are copy/paste rip-offs (Such as WoWcrusher, but in my research for that none of it ever brought me back to your content.) But that doesn't mean that anyone who wrote a guide after you did necessarily repackaged your content.

We all play the same game; most of us use very similar strategies. It stands to reason that people will put out similar information. There have been a bunch of videos put out about a pet vendor in Netherstorm recently. I did a video about that last year. And I'm sure someone wrote about it long before I made a video.

Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

I'm sure you put a lot of work into your guide, and you should be proud of that. But don't rip on other people's efforts because they're writing about gold making strategies that everyone in the community uses or at least knows about.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


There are multiple guides that have went live with the same information. Most gold bloggers/writers/guides are somehow linked together in our little community. Nearly every guide out there has a link on pastebin, a free download on megaupload, [insert site here], etc.

Just take a look on mmownded/ownedcore. Donate to the site, and look down the list of guides that someone bought and posted free through a link. Shit, some people even ask what guide people want, they buy it, and download it to a site like fileswap or mediafire. Theft happens.

My guide was torrented just after introduction due to a request on that very site. It happens. I was extremely pissed off about it, but I was warned when I first made my guide that it would happen, I just didn't think it would happen that quickly.

Take a moment and look at the folks following our twitter. Shit, we have gold guides (Hayden, WoWGoldGuides, Crusher, and others) that follow us, we have people that spam "Ooooh, take a look at this link" and its a gold guide, I have even fallen for one not checking the link and re-tweeting.

You have good points, and it's true. Not all information is AMAZING- I DID AND SAW IT FIRST. But at the time, the things I covered were new to our community, as when I spoke about them on Friday JMTC no one knew about them....when my guide was put up for sale, all of a sudden, multiple sites and guides had my exact structure of work. Coincidence? Highly doubtful.

Since my guides release, I have been hired by two separate gold guides on contract work, and have been asked by three others to provide content. That is how it should work, instead of outright theft.

You know me faid, I give credit where it is due, and I know that you do as well. With your netherstorm video, doesn't that, even a little, bother you in even a teeny, weenie way? It gets me just hearing about it. No, not like blow something up pissed, but bothered nonetheless.

I am not ripping on anyone's efforts, I am giving my guide away for free. That is what this post is about. If some people read into it more than others, so be it.

Yes, it bothers me about "virtual" theft. On the same token, I know it happens. It always has, it always will. Do I support it? No. Do I like it? No. Will I keep doing what I am doing? Yes. Why? Because I like to, I enjoy it!


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I had a much longer response typed out but I closed the tab. >_< So here's the short and sweet version:

People pirated your guide. I have to admit I'm surprised people pirate gold guides but I found out first hand that people will unapologetically do so when someone told me flat out if I wrote a guide they'd just pirate it. I was taken aback and kinda hurt, but eh, I'm a pirate myself (not of gold guides, granted1) and I understand how it goes. It still sucks for the creator of a work though.

I just think it's very important that you realize that users pirating and using your work is far different from a publisher of a guide blatantly plagiarizing your work. If there are six guides out there who plagiarized your stuff pursue them for plagiarism, IMO.

Theruling said... Reply To This Comment

Yay I have a real opinion in this discussion. I'm a firm believer in the 'attributing model'. Facing the facts 99% of stuff (unless it's literally in a new patch, etc) is played off information already out there. I think it is proper to do link backs or mentions to what inspired the work.

Prime example is a YouTube video I did about using dynamite to one-pull Ramparts. I watched Jim's video where he used class abilities to do it and I had the thought to expand it to classes without Radius-Target abilities. I linked back to his and did it as like an 'extra tip' to that (couldn't do as video response because he had those turned off).

Theruling said... Reply To This Comment

I think where things can get sticky is when money comes in the picture. Just like with the real life money tends to change the picture. Now I have no issue with monetizing content if done in a non-annoying way. Ads are fine on webpages unless I get popups/popunders or it screws with page formatting, Ads on YouTube are fine, selling your gold guide also no issue unless like before it becomes this horrible annoying issue where you've baked crappy content and use your size and crude tactics to try to shove it down people's throat (like WoWCrusher). I don't even mind if people "over" promote the content - because I'm a sensible buyer and if it's good enough I'll stay and if it devolves into no content just trying to make a buck I vote with my wallet.

Pirating content is common though. People go into businesses related to copyrighted content (music, movies, books, etc) expecting and hopefully accounting for some level of content that is distributed in a way that breaks copyright. You gotta protect that stuff though and each person that creates content in any medium can defend that content.

Matt said... Reply To This Comment

Hey just wanted to say how great your blog is, i recommend it to all my wow friends. Its full of unique and helpful tips about gold making in wow. I hope you continue to make more guides for years to come :)

Scugger said... Reply To This Comment

Gold Bloggers seem to think that their "ideas" can be pirated when those same ideas have been used by tens of thousands of people who have innovated them on their own without reading any gold blogs or watching any streaming video.

Don't get hung up on believing you invented something. You may be the first person to write about it, but its all been done before, thousands of times by others who have no interest in writing about it.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

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