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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

World of Warcraft Optimization Screen - Whaaat?

So I was logging in a few minutes ago, and happened upon this WoW Optimization screen. Huh. Never seen this before...My first guess after reading the screen is there is a new "Warden" in effect. I feel, for some reason, that Blizz has just violated my laptop. In a way, I feel violated....

What makes it even funnier is that they have a nice red shiny cop light in the lower right of the page...Blizzard Patrol?

Ya'll might remember my post on SOPA/PIPA, or you might remember when I blacked out my site. I am against this type of behavior.

I know it's not good to assume anything, so maybe I am just getting fuzzy for no reason, but this pisses me off. I don't know if I am bothered that Blizzard feels I am too dumb to optimize my 'puter myself (which I am not by the way....), or if they are using this "no choice" option to prey into my files.

Of course, I do not run a bot. I do not use any 3rd party programs in game....but what do they consider 3rd party? What if I happen to have a .exe file on my 'puter but it doesn't affect WoW? Say I get pulled over for going 70 mph on the road, that's 15mph over the speed limit. Okay, I was speeding. Write me up. But just because I have a vette doesn't mean I speed, right? Or would Blizz figure that I do and will Warden gimme a ticket?

Wait, twitter alert.....

"does CKS count"? (I think he is referring to Consortium Key Sender)

Maybe yes, maybe no....I hate that I do not have an answer yet. I do not use it, but I have known about it, it's basically a key sender file...Blizz is strange. We can only wait to find out what they feel is "legit" or what is "illegal".

Searching through, I have found little in terms of information, only questions...It may be just my "ITS A CONSPIRACY" coming out, but things like this need to be mentioned...

I will add to this post as I find more, and will re-tweet it when more is found. If you know anything about it, holler in comments!



Just googled it, and saw that WoWInsider has some info (starting to read comments now)



Xsinthis said... Reply To This Comment

They talked about this earlier, it's basically just cleaning out old bloated files from patches of yester-year you don't need anymore

Simca said... Reply To This Comment

Basically, there are tons of useless files from Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath that are no longer relevant to the operation of WoW.

The optimization deletes all these files. It saved me 9 GB.

I wouldn't worry too much about Warden. It's pretty terrible at its job.

Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

I notice this as well and I do believe some posts had stated (and for good reason) that there was no need for Blizz to be keeping up to 2 copies of many files around. So when I saw this 'update' I took a quick note of my used disk space and checked again when done. About 10Gb cleared out (might have been more but apparently a patch came too and I didn't check how big that was.

Goblinish said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, Alto, Alto... U mad, Bro?

The thing that pisses me off about it is that I was totally oblivious to it coming, so I didn't plan time for it... So the 20 minutes I have tonight to log in and turn my auctions is now watching this damn thing download... wife aggro increasing by the minute... ugh, not enough time in the day...

While I think you are indeed paranoid, I don't discount the possibility that in addition to the, "value added" components of the optimization, they could also be doing something cloak & dagger... That said, it you're not cheatin', you needn't be worried, riiiiight?... But, as you say, who defines, "cheating...?" I can't think of anything I've installed that hasn't come by way of Curse... hopefully I'm ok... I guess I'll find out!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

It's crazy, mine dropped in size quicker than jumping in a cold pool. Wait, what?

Blizz did do a good job clearing it out, just wondering what we don't know about it.

AKA The Conspiracy Theorist

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Ok, but if i don't care about few Gb of free space. Where is my rights to choose?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I really think you are overreacting. All it did was clean up their files. Yes people were complaining that the game was too large, especially people that had it on an SSD.

The reason you are "seeing" it for the first time is because previously it was only done during expansions. The new tech now allows them to do it more often.

Also they announced it weeks ago so its not Blizzards fault people didn't know it was coming.

I'd post a link to where they announced it but it looks like you can't do that here.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I find that 90% of the people that use the term ('puter) are really not people that should be using computers. Their process was optimizing their files as so many people and the Blue post has pointed out. Most people saw a 4-5gb drop in disk usage on their hard drive.
My advice to you, read the blue posts and news before you start up the rumor mill.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Last Anony,

I find that 90% of the people that use statistics are wrong 84% of the time.

'puter, 'puter, 'puter. You must not be a normal reader of the blog, otherwise you would know that I don't write everything properly. My spelling sucks, my sentence structure is horrible, and overall grammer has much to be desired. It's my style. Take it or leave it.

My advice to reading the "blues" is rethink your thought process that everything you read in a "blue" post is always correct....

How many times to they add "undocumented" hotfixes? EVERY TUESDAY. They might adjust a turn-in on a quest, add a NPC, move a node, add a vendor item, take away a vendor item, the list can go on and on stating what they have done that they don't tell us in a "blue" post.

My advice to anyone and everyone that doesn't like this post, ez. Don't read my speculation posts. Speculation is part of what this blog is. My speculations (like this post) are meant to open folks' eyes on possibilities of what could, might, should, or did happen.

Grain of salt.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I said grammer. And I know I spelled it wrong. Does that bother you? =)

Gear said... Reply To This Comment

The part that got me thinking and no one has picked up on yet was Blizzard`s mention that `we do this from time to time...` OK fair enough, I`ve been playing for two years and this is the first time I`ve ever encountered it. So that leaves two possible conclusions. First and most likely, Blizzard optimizes as often as my wife and I have sex. Once every two to two and a half years seems about right. Second, Blizzard has been sliding in these optimizations for years and has not seen fit to tell us. Maybe we need cops to investigate the cops. Both outcomes equally as scary but I`m hoping for conclusion number 2. I`d like to have sex more frequently than I update my WoW content.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I love you. If you are ever doing stand-up near chicago, lemme know.

Still laughing...


J.E. Douglas said... Reply To This Comment

awwww. every new patch that shows up from blizzard is like a new van with the word 'candy on the side of it". You know you shouldn't go to it, but hell, it's free candy.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment


Who gives a shit about 4-5 gb's of is not an issue, and for those who have SSD's, too bad for you. I don't think space has ever been an issue. Most people have massive hard drive space...WoW is negligible. This should be optional IMO.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

They do this every expansion AND every "mini expansion" like when they have a big patch that adds a lot of content. Those big patch days take less time now that they have off-loading the optimization to the launcher and are not doing it as much on patch day. Normally the launcher does it in the background while you are playing without even telling you (you ever see that little green rotating circle for no reason while you are playing?); however, this is the largest chop they have ever done because they have never removed certain BC bloat files and they had some Northrend bloat they hacked out that was unnecessary because it was replaced with Cata code. They HAVE TO do this so that your code and file structure will match everyone else. You have no choice or you wouldn't be able to play the game. They probably won't do one like this again for a long time because it is mostly Cata cleanup they have been putting off. Think of it more as a patch with no content changes rather than an optimization. (I'm a product tester for Vivendi)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi. This wow optimization is a fake . They only recustomize your file. If your files are recustomized you won't can connect to a private server . You will can connect only to blizz servers or another 4.3.2 wow server.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Fucking had this running since 3:25 PM, it is now 12:04 AM and i've been sitting here watching youtube and waiting the ENTIRE time. Blizzard needs to FIX SHIT!!!!!! FUCKING THING IS STUCK AT 1%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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