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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Confessions of an AH Sniper

I regret to say that most guest posts that I receive slip by the wayside and end up on another blog. Not this time. Not this one. Do yourself a favor, take a few minutes, sip your morning coffee, and most of all, enjoy.

Confessions of an Auction House Sniper

     You don’t know me, but you have called me names that will never get through my language filter.  We’re often from different factions, and you know that what you /s to me is going to be gibberish, yet you can’t stop typing; I make you that mad.  Ninja, jerk, ass…  Call me what you want, you’re not getting your items back and you just may earn yourself a hearty /LOL and /wave just to help it marinate.

I want you mad, it brings me joy.  I want you to go round up your crew and return to Booty Bay to kill the Auctioneers just to show me what’s what…  I’ll still get you next time; you’re only going to make it worse for yourself…  Go, log, come back later, maybe I won’t be here.  Or, maybe, juuuuuust maybe I will be…  you won’t know until you get that sinking feeling when you start spammin’ the search button in the AH only to find that your auction is not coming up…  it’s gone…  it’s mine now

As angry as this strategy makes some of us, the fact is that it’s not against the terms of use, it’s not a violation of the rules, it’s not cheating, and it’s not immoral.  An auction listed on the AH is fair game for anyone to bid/buy.  Is it any different than a PvP’er ganking you when all you want to do is farm in Icecrown?  No, it’s not.  Is it somehow more deplorable than camping and undercutting below cost with the sole intent of driving me out of the market? No, it’s not.

Don’t wax all poetic about how I know the spirit of what you’re trying to do, blah blah blah…  You are exploiting the game to work around the in game faction mail restriction, so don’t cry to me when it backfires on you.  When I roll into Alterac, I have to accept that you’re going to try to kill me.  When I enter the glyph market, I have to accept that you’re going to employ every tactic at your disposal to run me out.  When you roll into the neutral AH accept that what I take from you is the cost of doing business; make it as difficult for me as you can.

All that said, I accept that the AH sniper is on some level /rude to Karma.  I have no doubt that some day I’ll get back what I’ve given and I accept that.  If there’s a chance to appease Karma, however, allow me to offer this: a look into the world of a sniper and what I do so that you can see what should be obvious and better protect yourself from folks like me who find more value in watching your reaction than in whatever the item is (the rare exception being the Mekgineer’s Chopper I snagged last night which prompted this post).

The advice I will offer you is simple:  know the game; know your surroundings and know when to walk away.  Adhere to this very simple advice and, more often than not, I won’t be able to get you.  Fail to do so and…  /LOL


Anyone engaging in cross-faction trading knows something about the game and should not be surprised that the possibility exists that someone else will try to get the auctions they list for next to nothing.  If an item is valuable enough to go through the trouble of trying to move it cross faction, it’s valuable enough for someone else to want it.  Don’t be naïve and think that I’m not going to take for 1c what I’d pay 10g for in the marketplace.  Know that I’m out there.

Also think about how the AH interface functions and how auctions are listed and sorted.  If you put that Chopper up for 1c all I have to do is have the results sorted by price and, guess what, yours is at the top of the list waiting for met grab it.  When I’m setting up a, “hunt” I list 10-15 of a very low value item like Course Stone, Simple Flour, etc., for 99c.  More often than not, these will be the cheapest on the AH and will take up most of my view of the first page of auctions when sorted by buy price.

So, what I’ve done is set it up so that when I spam the search button, any new listings that are posted for a few copper will pop up right at the top of the list.  Any new listings posted for a few silver (often done by those trying to avoid having their auctions at the top of the list) will appear right under my wall of items, also very easily seen and grabbed.  Ultimately, look at what is currently listed on the AH and price your item so that it’s value falls somewhere in the mid-range.

Ideally, you’d want your item to be somewhere near the top of the second page of auctions (if there are that many on your neutral AH) so that someone trying to find, “the new item” will have to scroll and go through pages to find it…  by then, hopefully, you’ve already snatched it for yourself.  Certainly don’t allow me to view the entire range of auctions with ease.  Will you pay more in the 15% AH cut than if you listed for 1c?  Yes, yes you will…  but you’ll also have your chopper.


You would not believe how often two characters, one Alli one Horde, walk up to the auctioneer and begin crossing items with me standing right there.  Why do you think I’m there?  Do I have a piece of mail in my hands?  No?...  then I’m not at the mailbox, am I?...  How long do you think I would need to be at the guild bank?...  Look at what’s listed on the AH – a couple pages of mostly junk and/or overpriced pets, right?  Why am I standing there?  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…  DUCK!  Trust that I do not think it a strange coincidence that an Alli and a Horde toon just happened to walk up to the Auctioneer at the same time.  I’m ready for you.

While it would have been best categorized as, “know the game,” the previous point leads directly to this – it takes two accounts to trade cross faction; either you and a friend, or you with two accounts.  There is no reason why both characters need to be in the same AH to accomplish the transfer.  Stage one of your team in Booty Bay and send the other to either Gadgetstan or Everlook.  At the very least, go to different auctioneers within Booty Bay.  My Spidey Senses don’t start tingling immediately when I see a single character come up to the auctioneer…  when I see two of you standing there, you better believe I’m interested in what you’re doing.  Know also that the volume of trading is likely much higher in one of the neutral AH’s depending on your server’s population characteristics.  If your server has a higher Alli population, you can bet Booty Bay sees the bulk of the transfers.  As a sniper I know this will be the most target rich environment and that’s where I’ll be and where you should avoid.

In the same way it takes two accounts to trade cross-faction, it takes two accounts to be a highly effective sniper.  Several times I’ve said, “…when I see you…” My sniper will never see you, but my spotter will.  I play on two accounts with two screens.  While my sniper sits at one of the more remote auctioneers, prospecting ore and cutting a bag full of gems, my spotter is sitting in Booty Bay, hidden from view, nowhere near any of the three, yes three, auctioneers.  Perhaps I’m across the bay on the dock by the boat location.  Maybe I’m sitting (or lying down) atop the Inn or another building with a view…  I’m somewhere that I can observe you walking up and interacting with the auctioneers.  I can be as far away as the blacksmithing trainer and from the right vantage point I can see you at the auctioneer by the bank.

All I have to be able to see is your name plate illuminated and I know you’re there.  Then, a quick mouseover tells me who you are and I’m lookin’ you up on the armory to see your level, professions, etc.  Once I, “see” you with my spotter, I’m spammin’ the search button with my sniper and waiting for your auction to post either right above or right below my listings of junk.

The take-away is that you should recon the area before you ever go up to the auctioneers yourself.  Find out who’s around, where they are located and what they are doing.  If you see a lowbie hangin’ around in Booty Bay realize it wasn’t easy to get her there and she is there for a reason.  The primary reason is for cross faction trading, of course.  However, if you see her just hangin’ out, not interacting with the auctioneer, bank, mail, etc., there’s a reason; maybe she’s watching you!


In short, if any of the aforementioned conditions exists when you arrive at your favorite neutral auction house, walk away and come back later.  If you can’t, or won’t come back later, be smart; split up your team, list your auction for enough gold that it’s not as easy for me to identify it in the list, find out who’s around.

  Throw up a couple test listings of junk for 1c to test the water.  When I know you’re there and about to try to cross something, my heart is pounding, my adrenaline is pumping, and my finger is spammin’ the search button.  When I see that listing pop up I’m clickin’ it as quickly as I can to try to snatch it…  I honestly don’t have time to distinguish it as epic or junk; I’m just tryin’ to get it…  So throw up some junk and see if I bite.  If I do, you got me, well played.  If I don’t you’re probably ok, but move quickly, seconds count.

Goblin Nation, REACT TO ME!  Few topics bring as much division among us Goblins.  Is it right, is it wrong, am I an ass or are you stupid?  In the end, our opinions don’t matter.  Neither mine nor yours will change as a product of this discourse…  All I can hope is that you ignore this advice, this attempt at gaining some Karma capital, and some day soon I find you in my AH…

Sneak up behind you and ask.......U MAD, BRO?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

One of the most fun to read posts I have seen in some time.

Most goblins have sniped or been sniped at some time in their career, it's nice to see a piece dedicated to them.

Great job, well written. Keep this guy around Alto!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! hadn't thought about it from the other side. kind of funny, but kind of pisses me off too! fun read though. I'll certainly be more careful! At least I haven't lost a chopper!

MoxNix said... Reply To This Comment

I like to transfer some relatively cheap bulk items first, stacks of herbs for example. If a few stacks get sniped it's no big deal. If they go through ok then I start transferring more expensive stuff. The really expensive stuff I just transfer 1 stack at a time so if I get sniped then I won't lose too much.

I never list my items for 1c either and I use a combination of Auctioneer RTS (snatch list, mostly for mats) and pre-typing the name of items into search on one toon before posting it on the other (mostly for crafted items).

I've only gotten sniped once and that was just a single stack of uncut ember topaz.

Vile said... Reply To This Comment

This gave me that awesome feeling i used to get when i did this :)

one thing though is the epic feeling you get when you /wave at someone from the other faction that wants to get his 10k sword that he put up on the AH for 1g and sees that it's gone and it is you that bought it.

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

Best post in a long time. Awesome read! :P

Nithrius said... Reply To This Comment

Nithrius here,

Interesting read. I have not personally been sniped before, mostly because I am too cautious. Friends of mine have, of course, been hit. That is to be expected, if you don't know the game.

Good post, as always.

the gold queen said... Reply To This Comment

Amazing writing, loved the topic, style and content.

Sinshroud has a guide on the consortium about sniping which is great too.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

...U MAD BRO?... classic!

Silverthorn said... Reply To This Comment

This is a very timely warning and while it initially irritated me a lot, your explanation makes sense and (in a way, it's even "fair").

Sniping has reached a new low. There is a sniper that has pretty much shutdown the neutral AH on my server. He alternates between 3-4 different L1's scattered at the various neutral AH's. The kicker is that one of these is *always* logged in, day or night, 24x7. He's also lightning fast and mostly good at avoiding the "chaff". It can only be a bot.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment


Yikes! When writing this piece I intentionally avoided anything that would appear as if I were qualifying the, "type" of snipe. Personally, I have never gone to snipe for sniping's sake... The markets in which I'm most deeply involved are gems and chants, and I move them cross-faction daily. That said, the natural place for most my crafting is in Booty Bay, as that's where my alt with maxed JC and Enchanting, "resides." While I'm there crafting, I set up my spotter and any easy shots I can take are icing on the cake... but, again, I didn't want to try to take any moral high ground on the type of snipe... LOL

That said, the are bots and/or addons that clearly violate the terms of use and provide an unfair advantage. When those I have sniped come callin', whinnin' and beggin', I encourage them to input a ticket, knowing that Bizz will take my side... I would recommend you also do so, but try to provide specific observations with dates, times, etc., in which you've observed this/these toons acting, "unnaturally." A key phrase is, "interacting with the environment." Try to find a way to get Blizz to watch the guy/gal. Also, send the alt an in-game chat with something innocuous... "...hey, do you know if there's an alchemy trainer around here?" If they respond, not a bot... if they don't, still not a bot definitively, but more info to provide Blizz that may raise some flags... In the end, it will be very difficult for you to get Blizz to do anything... but if you can find enough key phrases linked to clearly prohibited actions per the terms of use, you may be able to get a GM to at least watch them... and if/when they catch 'em using any automation, you've got them... I guess that's a good follow-up piece, the "Counter-Sniper" post... LOL Good luck!

Lifedream of Black Dragonflight said... Reply To This Comment

What's up with you guys? This guy and others like him are HUGE A$$HOLES! They are just like RL criminals. They add nothing (do no work) but they take a great deal of other peoples work. I worked to get my goods. I want to make a larger profit by moving my goods to a better market. I am just trying to avoid that crippling 15% tariff. So, I work for hours and this A$$HOLE thinks it is okay (even funny) that he steals from me. Well that is B*LLSHEET!

I did get a little feeling of satisfaction knowing that these guys are wasting their game time hawking the neutral AH. Kind of pathetic really. Spending my time hoping for a chance to steal from others. Super pathetic that he wants to brag about it by posting on this site.

So, Altolycus, be joyful, you pi$$ me off.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I am joyful, not that I pissed you off by posting this, nor from agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of sniping, but from the "unknown" writer having the courage to write about something that we all know affects the economy daily.

If you are worried about getting sniped, easy. Don't risk it. In the same tone, don't stockpile items before patch. It's too risky. Don't attempt to flip items in the AH. Too risky. Don't pay 200g for a stack of Elementium Ore thinking you will prospect an Inferno Ruby. Too risky.

I hope you understand my point. If you were more inclined to understand his post, then you would have noticed he tells you how he does it.

You wouldn't have instantly gone "I HATE HIM", you would have used the techniques he describes and use them to your advantage by maybe:

Posting for 1,10 or even 100g so he doesn't "see" your item on his scan.

Flipping via Wintergrasp or Tanaris so this "sneaky bastard" doesn't see your toons sitting there setting up the flip.

Making sure there are no "lookouts" in the area when you do your cross faction trades.

Just a few things that I took out of it. This author did exactly what we as bloggers strive to do. Make people think. Well, other than the haters like yourself (and I am sure there are others) who just saw this post one-sided.

Maybe I should change the title to "How to NOT get fucked via the neutral AH". Maybe you would have read it differently...maybe not. /shrug

Through all that, I still love you Lifedream, may all your neutral flips be tariff free, and may all your profits be amazing....


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

@Lifedream of Black Dragonflight

Hey Lifedream... YOU MAD, BRO?


Daimyoh said... Reply To This Comment

His attitude makes him seem like the kind of antisocial dickwad WoW is full of, and I see no reason to highlight this kind of behaviour.

Sure it would be kind of interesting to see how it's done, if not for the fact that someone with some decent logic and understanding of the game could figure this out by himself.

If it was just a guide to note get fucked via the Neutral AH, you shouldn't have included the whole "
I want you mad, it brings me joy." thing. Comments like that just detract from the whole post.

The people doing this are the bottom feeders of WoW and will not be missed by me would they no longer exist in game or in real life.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Has somthing changed? One factions bike was never equipable by the other faction.

Qurious said... Reply To This Comment

Fantastic post.......even though I hate it when I get sniped I totally understand that it is all part of the game we play. Keep them coming. :)

Edenvale said... Reply To This Comment

Best post ever! I stand there with my husband on another account & spam search until the item shows up. Paranoid of being sniped.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

if you post on the ah, any ah its open game. You might find that spending hours on end farming and crafting work better for you to make gold. This guy just has a different strategy to make gold, still invests the time and research (looking ppl up).

Frankly, it is incredibly easy to not get sniped assuming they aren't a bot. I've never been sniped once in 6 years because I exercise caution, extreme paranoia, and know to /who any areas where the neutral ah is at to spy for lvl 85s or lvl 1s. I also make sure to do my transfer when it is dead on my server (which for me is typically about 3-6am server) OBVIOUSLY that isn't viable for everyone but there is no sense in being pissed at the guy for making gold in a different way. It sucks but I have lucked into sniping something before and I felt no qualms about making the profit because I was at the right place, at the right time and knew it was valuable. And, you know what, so what if he is anti-social, last I checked video games are one of the few havens left to the socially inept. Why does he have to be nice to you? I'm certainly not nice about trying to run ppl out of my markets, I might not be taking their stuff but I'm "stealing" their profits.

Critical Goblin said... Reply To This Comment

Whilst Critical hates snipers with a vengeance after his one and only failed attempt at cross-faction movement, this is a well written article.

+1 to the author!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Nobody puts a chopper or hog through cross faction AH. BECAUSE THEY ARE RACE SPECIFIC! Know the game sniper before you lie to us. LOL

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Very true on the Chopper comments.....hmmm?!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Nobody said what one player does has to make sense to you or me... Nor do I have any control over what others attempt to cross... Nor do I care to know the rationale. Query UMJ and you'll indeed find historical data from listings of Mekgineer's on the Horde side and Mechano-Hogs on the Alli side. Learn the game before you tell me to learn the game... LOL

Admin said... Reply To This Comment



I am not sure who told what here, or why you are getting pissy at me...Or say I told anyone to learn the game....I only post under my name (Altolycus). I think you might be mad at the Anony poster above mine...Chill, brosef!

My thoughts on the choppers were that I have heard of folks filling up guild banks through multiple cross faction moves, and assumed this could have been that type of situation. And I also assume that the same applies the ones you have spoke about seeing on TuJ.

But that is a guess, who knows other than the person that posted those auctions....


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Alto... you're absolutely correct... my reply was intended for the comment just prior to yours... Please accept my apologies... I wasn't intending to be, "pissy" with you, or even with the previous poster... I was only dishing back the, "learn the game" barb... So, "sorry" if I can across as that way to you or the other poster for that matter. I'm enjoying the discussion and I certainly hate that I may have offended you after you provided the forum. My bad bro... u mad?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

It's all good. Excuse me while I finish my beer and cheerios. And work on sniping me a chopper.... =)


Handera said... Reply To This Comment

Neutral snipers are the true bottom feeders of WoW. May they all rot in hell.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

- Happened to me once, damage maybe 3k >> was angry, was being laughed at, felt humiliated. Found out the main, hired mercs and let them gank him for 1 month.
- Did it myself, once, 1 stack of LK dust >> felt like an asshole, gave it back, ever since have pity with snipers.

Never got sniped again cause I took precautions. In the end, it is the worst GPH activity you can find in game. And it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you are a dickhead, you know, deep inside, but just can't admit it since the thrill is too great.


Charrado said... Reply To This Comment

WOW is really a fun-tastic game, you can really do so much different things... I Never did this things but i would like to congratulate this guys for their fabulous imagination. I like'ed a lot to read this post ... maybe one of this days i'll get into this cross-faction business ... looks kinda fun!!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

...Maybe I should change the title to "How to NOT get fucked via the neutral AH".
Omg, I love you Alto, thats friggin hilarious.

Silverthorn said... Reply To This Comment

Follow up:

Mr. Bot isn't on all the time, but a lot of the time, especially prime time, he is. I may eventually report him, but for right now, I can still do what I want to do.

If I absolutely must have an item moved across the neutral AH, I simply list it at *above* retail. It's not as pleasant taking the AH cut and having your gold go the other way, but I can live with that.

I'm also now having fun with Mr. Bot. AI or dumb human, I don't know. Whispers either result in a /dance or /cheer emote and one time, a /ignore. I'd have to truly say it's only partially automated. Perhaps someone prospecting in a different window and keeping half an eye on the L1, perhaps just to "veto" stupid AI buying choices.

Anyway, I find items from vendors that have high average prices on TUJ and I list them for slightly below that cost. And Mr. Bot picks them up, despite the fact that the vendor is literally 40 feet away! When it's something *really* silly, like Simple Flour, it tends to work only once. I suspect there's some sort of "ignore this item from now on" setting the botter can check after the purchase has been made. But there are many, many items on TUJ where the average price is what people are selling for, not the price people are buying it at. Big difference. Time to start emptying the crap out of my guild vaults!

So far, I'm up about 80g on him. He can keep that stack or Saronite Ore and the single Sky Sapphire he sniped. Silly bot! If he'd left those auctions go through, he might've had a chance at the stacks of Infernos I wanted to move... but of course I didn't! /LOL

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Theft: the taking of and removing of property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.

True, AH "sniping" (apparently chosen to lessen the stigma)is not a violation of game rules...hell, Blizzard will probably chuckle at it as they do not sanction/approve of using the neutral AH to move goods cross-faction (at least not by the same toon)....but you are stealing, plain and simple. You contribute nothing to the game economy and to put it bluntly, are simply an asshole. Stealing from another player (or anyone for that matter) is low and you making it sound thrilling actually sickens me.

And before being flamed by other "snipers", let me say that I have over 4 mil in gold, play both alliance/horde AH's and use the neutral AH to move 1000's of items daily. In so doing, I take steps to avoid "snipers" but have had an occasional item taken - it's simply the cost of doing business in a world apparently full of assholes....

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment


Here's your sign...

dumb-ass: (Noun, Slang, Vulgar) a thoroughly stupid person; blockhead.

I'm so glad you butressed your argument with all the puffery regading your vast riches... You've even caused me to change my opinion now that I've had the honor of hearing from someone of your stature... Oh, wait, no I didn't... sorry, I got lost a bit in delusions of your grandure...

One of my first stumblings along the road to become a Goblin was a snaffu not of my own making... You see, the mobile AH effed me... I posted several stacks of Truegold for a nice amount (pre 4.1 / 4.2 Truegold meltdown), sat back and waited for the gold to roll in... Only to find out that the stupid mobile AH defaulted to a, "per stack" listing price and not a, "per item" listing... by the time I realized it, it was too late... Some lucky winner got my stacks of Truegold for 1/20th my intended price... Should I have been mad at that asshole?... or was I just stupid?........... ............. waaaaaaait for it.... I was stupid, right? Did that person steal from me?...

Where's the line you draw in the sand that makes bidding/buying something on the AH stealing or not, timing?... If I walk up to the AH, scan it, and there's something of value listed for 1c and I buy it... I stole it? Or no, because my intent was not to sit and wait for it before I buy it?... what a moronic position you take...

With your vast riches, sir, you scoure the AH every single day looking for bargains you intend to flip, right?... what an asshole you are! You know very well that the 8 year old that listed that Silverleaf for 8c could very well have gotten a full 16c for it! Yet, you snatched it, didn't you?... You greedy son of a bitch! But, alas, sitting atop that mountain of 4+ million gold you rationalized that, "hey, if it's listed, it's fair game..." You're a sniper at heart you rich, greedy bastard! Welcome to the club, we have jackets.

Call it a dick move, call me an asshole, fine... In fact, you called me asshole so many times I turned to my wife and said, "...did you post this?"... but I digress... I'm a dick and an asshole, we agree, but it's not stealing...

Hugh said... Reply To This Comment

It's not stealing, get over it.

Glyphmonster @ Lothar said... Reply To This Comment

@Lifedream of Black Dragonflight

That's kind of the point. YOU were trying to dodge the tax man, and so you listed your items cheap. I struggle to find a real-life example, but here's one that's close: Say you ship something internationally, and to avoid duties, you list it;s value at $20, but it's REAL value is like $2000. The shipping company loses it, and sends you a check for the insurance, totaling $20.00. Who cheated who? You posted your items into an AUCTION HOUSE, with a BUYOUT PRICE. That's an invitation to the public to buy it. I would suggest that if you are listing crafted materials, you list them at your crafting cost plus 15%. If your cross-faction profit diferentialis not high enough to support the new cost of goods, then it's not really worth your time. By pricing your goods any less than that, you are basically accepting the risk of loss. Since thereis no insurance in WoW, that does not seem like a smart business model to me.

Trigger Happy said... Reply To This Comment

Complaining about someone buying truegold you accidently posted as a stack instead of singular price? Really? It's your own stupidity. Pay attention to what you're doing, or better yet, don't use the mobile AH if you can't pay enough attention to what you're posting and it's price. You're going to blame the people who scan the AH for deals? That's sad, take credit for your own screwup and learn from it. That's how it goes. If you seriously expect people to see Truegold on the AH for a stupidly low price and say "oh he messed up, I'm not going to buy that", you live in a fantasy land. Just like real life. Sure, at the end of the day that person may feel "good about himself" for not buying it, but when he's broke with no gold or anything to flip, is that "good feeling" going to buy him th gems and enchants he needs for his new gear? No. Suck it and use it as a learning experience. It's no one elses fault but your own. EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN.

Trigger Happy said... Reply To This Comment

ah please ignore that last comment, lol I believe I can wear the asshat jacket of the day for not reading the last line of your post before nerd raging myself.

Osuna said... Reply To This Comment

While this was an interesting post from a unique perspective, I'm never really impressed with people who mock the misfortune-big or small-of others with such a cavalier attitude. It's even more discouraging to think of the amount of people that not only mock, but *feed* off other people being upset.

"People need to be smarter about protecting themselves!" Or maybe, what would happen if we were all just a little more civil?

Cold said... Reply To This Comment

You have no reason to be mad bro.

Transferring cross faction is exploiting a mechanic to start with. You attemp the exploit ( getting around the high neutral ah fees) and someone snatches it before you do. All they did was buying someone off the ah which is completely legit business practice.

You post it for cheap then get mad when it sells for cheap? Get real. Post it properly or run the risk of it selling for the price YOU CHOSE to post it at.

Cold said... Reply To This Comment

These comments crack me up. You do something dumb and get burned by someone who buys your poorly priced item before you do. The sniper has done nothing wrong. You posted an item for sale and it sold. How do you have any right to get upset?

You can completely prevent any sniping, if you know what you are doing. Snipers prey on the ignorant and inexperienced players.

These same people crying about someone buying their poorly priced items are no doubt the same people that would rejoice when they find a poorly priced item posted on the faction AHs. Yet the neutral AH should be treated differently when it is being gamed by players trying to move items across faction?

Play smart and it's not an issue at all.
Just stop sounding like a bunch of whiny ass fools when got burned by your own greed and stupidity.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

3 months old and refreshed interest in the post....did I miss something?


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