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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Veil- BoE Dagger Miniature Winter Veil Tree

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I hope Winter Veil is doing well for you, with all your Small Eggs stocked up (they are server-wide about 7g each) and since the droprate has seemed to change since last time I farmed them (Crazed Dragonhawks), you should be racking in some gold (Don't forget the lazy, Holiday Spices are selling too!). But make sure to make up some Gingerbread Cookies as well, they sell off the shelves literally after I post them.

But now to the gist of the post. A sexy dagger....

Now from what I am seeing, Wowhead doesn't even have a link to it yet. Since I bought mine off the AH, I did some google searching and found out that Miniature Winter Veil Tree is an extremely rare drop from Stolen Present

How do you get that? It's through a daily for both Horde and Alliance called "You're a mean one". The trick here is get the quest, and when you go to kill The Abominable Greench, just be in the neighborhood (flying or whathaveyou) and you get credit if anyone else kills him. *poof* Quest completed.

Oh, in case you are thinking about farming the dagger, it might not be a good idea. From what I am seeing and hearing so far, it's a truly "epic" drop. Basically figure one per server per day of the veil. I guess the good thing is this quest is daily, so whether you use the dagger or sell it (big $$), you still have a chance to get ol' lumpy....Lump of Coal.

But hey, you can get some other goodies from the Stolen Present:

So, that's it for now until I see something else while
rolling in the snow.

Oh, yeah. I got one in case you were wondering. Now I gotta decide whether to equip it or not...


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Also from Clockwork Rocket Bot you get a F.O.S, i don't yet confirmed that you also get the F.O.S from Minizep controller.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

rogues always get the good shit but this dagger looks like its more for hunters and druids so WOOT! you can definitely tell its Christmas when hunters are getting epic new daggers however hunters still need a legendary along with every other class BUT rogues I think in "mists of pandaren" they should give every class a legendary quest line and start this whole legendary weapon business all over again.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


It's great as I haven't found a nice set of BoE daggers though. Not perfect for my backstabbah, but they will still work nonetheless.

I agree with you on the Legendary quest lines for everyone. But Blizz will never do that...they gotta keep the subs coming. What would you think if everyone walked around in Orange?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I just got one of these from my stolen presents and 20 minutes later ran across a Rogue in IF that also just got one.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

hunters have a legendary its an effing bow that drops out of sunwell from BC @Anonymous

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

agility dagger for druids? The internet really is full of morons. Even hunters shouldnt be using this as you can get about 100 more agi from a blue 2h over 2 1h weapons. Please stop posting if you dont know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I got it :)

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