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Friday, December 2, 2011

TSM- I Betcha Didn't Use TradeSkillMaster for This!

Hey folks!

Not everyone uses TradeSkillMaster, but if you are or even consider yourself a Goblin, an AH'er, or....heh, heh, are a gold blogger that doesn't use TSM to sell your goods, you are waaaaaay behind the times. Download it from Curse, donate to Sapu and co. and set it up already!

Now to my point of this post. Since most of my readers are using TSM for something, whether it's for your Gemmies, Chants, Gear Crafting, or Scribbling, I am probably guessing you had no idea what else to use it for.....Vendoring Flips (but I am also guessing that the cocky fuckers are gonna say "I have been doing that for a long time".....but I call bullshit on that one).

Do you buy and re-sell vendor goods? I am talking anything from Obsidium Hatchlings to Transmute: Primal Might. From Recipe: Redridge Goulash to Pattern: Comfortable Insoles. Whatever niche you hit, there's a quick way to post these...

Familiar with TSM? Easy to setup. The pics are from my Scribe....So bear with me a second:

Step 1: Go into your category (in this case, 4.2 glyphs in the pic below). Control click your "vendor goods" (in this case, my fermulah's) and go to the little Add button. *poof* They magically appear on the right side...Amazing, huh? No? Okay. It's still cool.

Step 2: POST!

*You can see it's auto undercut to your settings in your group (or just make a new group, but I am showing you the easiest way, remember?)

Step 3: UHHHHH?!?!!?!

*Yes, my "fallback" when no glyphs are in the AH is 322g 55s. And yes, they do sell at that price....

Now if you do the quick and easy route, the vendor recipies/formulas, pets/etc, that you are selling will have an autofallback to your settings for the rest of the group.

I would recommend setting up a new group for your main "vendor" toon with all your route items. You might want to set up a specific group for the more "rare" formulas, one for pets, one for "generics" like good ol' fishing poles, whatever your liking. However if you are just doing a few, and not a hundred, just follow the steps above for a quick cancel/repost, scans, ect. Did I mention I love TSM?!

If you are new to the vendor flipping market, there are a few addons you might like. I have used Recipe Profit for Gathermate for some time, but it's broke since 4.3. A little searching showed "Recipe Radar", which claims to be updated for 4.3, so a test might be in order on that one. If you hate addons, here are a few posts dedicated to vendor runs that are on my favorites:

Kathro's Thunder Bluff
Sinshroud's Outland Supply

Please, please be careful when doing this. You want to make sure to check all your settings before you go posting something for 5g when you should be getting 500 if no auctions are up. Feel me? What's the saying, measure twice, cut once? Yeah. Do that here.

Hope you learned something today kiddos. Now leave an apple at my desk when the bell rings. No homework for tomorrow, but you have a test next week.

Now that I am thinking about it, Sapu, I wonder how hard it might be to rock out a  VendorMaster Addon? It's a stretch, but would be interesting nonetheless.


Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

I just downloaded TSM last night. I had been using zeroactions before. I really liked zero auctions. It was relatively user friendly. It took a long time to set up properly, but it worked perfectly in every possible way and most of all it was not revolting to look at.

I don't like TSM so far. I am not one that does change well to begin with I'll admit, so I'm sure that's part of it. But, I hate it so bad I actually found myself contemplating making a donation to the zero guy to try and bribe him to update his addon, though in the end I concluded I'm too poor to piss away too much rl money on wow conveniences (and my meager donation didn't exactly seem like a motivator to me)

I could probably write an entire guest post on why I dislike TSM so much, however I'll try not to be too verbose. I am simply too stupid to make it work properly. (I'll get that out of the way now before angry TSM lovers point it out to me later)

I set up 3 groups just as a quick test run, since I figured no need to redo all my hundreds of categories I had from zero auctions and then find out it didn't work properly. So, I did 2 groups. I had some problems setting up some of the stuff, nothing major, my husband who I partially blame because he was insistent that I try it out, kept yelling from his computer, "Oh ya it does that sometimes, just reload your UI" Ok I found that horribly annoying after the 4th or 5th time, but it was a minor inconvenience. When I did my test of the first category, it seemed to work fine, though I found the interface a bit irking, and the whole value of my auctions thing bothered me in an odd way, but I'll get to that later (I'm sure that goes back to my stupidity somehow)

Ok, so the first category for my test run, Inferno rubies. I did 2 bold's and 2 brilliants, they seemed to post fine, so I moved on to setting up my second category (after reloading the UI half a dozen times first ofc) Category 2, shadowspirits. By this time I'd been dicking around with it for 2 hrs and I was just simply tired of it all. The category set up fine, but it only wanted to post brilliants. I double-checked the settings, my bags, etc. I tried the skip button as I didn't really feel like reposting 2 brilliant infernos every test run. It somehow only wanted to post the brilliant infernos from my bags, despite my bags having bolds and shadowspirits.

Also, another thing that perturbed me was the total auctions value number. I do not quite understand what this number is derived of. My husband tried to explain it to me that it is the value of the auctions I have posted assuming they all sell. However, the number changed every time I pulled tsm up, even if I did not post anything, which kind of made me think buggy, lol and made my husband yell from his raid screen behind me "reload the UI damnit!"

*shrug* I dunno, perhaps TSM is an acquired sushi, or artichokes and maybe if I keep forcing myself to fiddle with it I will suddenly love it.

But for now that shocking, OMG BLUE colour, hurts my head, hurts my eyes, is nerve wrecking and makes it hard for me to focus (though that doesn't always take much)and I just hate looking at it, and at the end of the night I still wound up manually posting everything with totally facerolled numbers (I'm sure I annoyed some competitors with my random lowball undercuts) Strangely I have still made around 80k the first day, with this horribly unoptimal strat. Though I miss glyph posting, which I refuse to do manually.

/end QQ

~Skorpy-WTB enough braincells to figure TSM out. :(

Phat Lewts said... Reply To This Comment

One of my favorite things to use for this method is the Plans: Eternium Rod ( ). You can now buy this from a vendor in Kelp'thar Forest. It used to be a limited supply item, but Cata added an NPC has an unlimited stock, so you'll get a lot of players who even know that they can buy it from a vendor in Outland pick it up from the AH.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Holler out sometime on Skype, I can run you through setting it up. It's a bitch at first, but once set, it's just as easy if not easier than ZeroAuctions. Lemme know.

Phat Lewts.
That is a sexy sell. I wasn't aware that it switched to unlimited! Thanks bruddah!

Dinaer said... Reply To This Comment

Skorpsy - I was also a dedicated ZeroAuctions user. The first time I downloaded TSM, I installed it, tried it for a day or two, and then uninstalled it thinking it was overcomplicated and bloated.

After a few more months with ZA, I decided to give TSM another try. This time I went through a setup guide. I can now tell you that I think it is the greatest thing for crafting/auctioning. I also know that I am not using it to its fullest potential, but even with what I use it for it is a great system. My glyph and gem making times have been cut and profits increased.

Just my two cents.

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

Hmm yeah I guess I should probably looked for a set up guide or something to read. I'm one of those annoying people that hate to read directions. :P

I have made more progress with it this morning. I gave up on gems and moved on to other categories. The major issue I have with it is the post cap seems to let me choose any number except the ones I want. It seems to want to do either 1 or any number above 4. I'm sure this is some kind of operator malfunction on my end, but it's driving me crazy. :(

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment


Why use a category for each gem type?

Set your defaults to something safe, like 10,000g.

Then set up a category named "gems". 3 max posts, 1 per auction, 12 hours, etc.

Then put groups inside; red gems, blue gems, yellow gems.

Edit said groups to have a good fallback/threshold.

Done. No need to reload the UI ever, not sure what is wrong there.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

To anyone that doesn't like the blue color (I didn't) in TSM here's how to change it.

Open up all of the .lua files in the AddOn's folder with your favorite text editor and find/replace "(0,0,1,1)" with any color you like.

Here's how that string works: (RED,GREEN,BLUE,ALPHA) Each color is represented by a number between 0 and 1. For example a medium shade of grey would be (.8,.8,.8,1).

I have mine as a nice dark red.

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