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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Did Blizzard Get Hit By Their Own Banstick? WoW Hacked?

Hey folks!

So the other day, I received an email from Trion, the owners of the MMO Rift. They haz been Haxxored. Since I have no real worry about my account there (nothing even closely resembling WoW by email or password combination) I could really give a rats ass. But....

(Tobold hit on the Rift hack on his site if you want more reading on it: Tobold's MMORPG Blog)

This morning, I open up twitter, and see that Blizzards' forums have been down...for 6 far. Did they get sliced as well? Whaddabout our Authenticators, did that server get hit too?

My wonder is....are we in trouble? Are our accounts safe?

Better be safe than be sorry, so after changing my WoW password, and re-linking my Authenticator, I feel more in control of the situation. You can never be too careful, huh?

I am sure more updates to come. Who knows, maybe they are just going through Maintenance on...a Saturday? Or maybe they are giving us all Christmas in game pets....ITS A CONSPIRACY I TELLZ YOU!

I wonder if they did get hacked, would they admit it? Not likely....


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Khalior said... Reply To This Comment

I'm taking two seconds away from covering my furniture in tinfoil to say that this is probably the same gang that was calling themselves LulzSec, associated with the guy who hacked the PSP, who are in cahoots with remnants of Pirox and WikiLeaks, as well as the shadow group of the North American Lesbian Dentist cartel that are really Chinese spies who are looking for the secret recipe on how we make Twinkies.

Dan Brown already wrote a book about this.
They post in forums under the "borrowed" alias of Markco.
But really, the Old Gods are behind this.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Yeah. Total conspiracy theory. Thank god there is tinsel on my christmas tree, it will keep the Haxxors from hitting my house.

As for the tinfoil couch, I commend you, as I am only wearing my shiny hat that keeps the aliens away.



Greygamer said... Reply To This Comment

Forums EU side have been fine, our turn next?

Simca said... Reply To This Comment

Account management (via, Login servers (for, SC2, and WoW), and paid transactions (I just did a guild move) are all working fine, so I'd say it is probably just maintenance or technical difficulties for the WoW/D3/SC2 sites and forums.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

US servers are up, you can play and login fine, but the website is still down.

At least blizz employees are getting time and a half (or double time) for fixing the hack. And the haxxors are getting my credit card info. Great.

Merry fucking Hacksmas!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Or maybe you are getting worked up over nothing. Why not put away the tinfoil hat and have a peaceful, relaxing holiday? Cheers!

Bristal said... Reply To This Comment

Can't access Mobile Armory...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

omg no, thats my favorite dentist lady!!! say it isn't so!!!@Khalior

Simca said... Reply To This Comment

Not hacked:!/BlizzardCS/status/150728960664289280

Also the payment systems are totally unaffected and work fine atm so if there was a hack and they got credit card info obviously those would be offline. :p

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

And you believe them Simca?

If so, I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, very cheap! For you and you only, today and today only...get it before anyone else does!


Handera said... Reply To This Comment

People don't get paid extra on December 24th...

Handera said... Reply To This Comment

And of course they didn't get hacked, or they would have said so.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Uhm...It's Christmas Eve. Sure they do!

And of course they didn't get hacked. No, the #1 MMORPG wouldn't admit any issues....Doubt it. Never. No, not blizz!

Darraxus said... Reply To This Comment

Honestly....are you drunk?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


No. Honestly. Are you?

Kathroman said... Reply To This Comment

Oh Alto - you always keep things interesting, don't you? :p

RE: Blizzard disclosing being hacked - never gonna happen. Bigger men have kept larger secrets. You don't talk about what you're doing to fix it until you've been caught, red-handed. Because there IS such a thing as "bad publicity" and a security break that could potentially expose sensitive information is definitely bad publicity.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

If you have such little amount of faith in Blizz you can always cancel your subscription and take your business elsewhere. Just sayin'

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Oh, I have faith in Blizzard, and my business will still be with them. Hacked or not.

This is my blog, I write about what I see. Read it, don't read it. Comment, don't comment. Either way, I am cool with it.

Just sayin'

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