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Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting your Professions Ready for Patch 4.3

Hey folks! Alto here.

Xsinthis wrote on his blog the other day about preparing for 4.3 and utilizing Blacksmithing. If you aren't aware of his site, click above or check my blogroll for his site. He is producing some good schtuff, so take a minute and visit him. This leads me to this post:

Recently, there has been another great site for you to check out for your profession needs. Warcraft Professional has made a Shopping Calculator for those looking to flip your professions or just straight out powerlevel. To the left you can see the main page that gives you the pricing....

If you look below the 2693g on that page, you have a link to give you the "show shopping list". Yup. Feel free to click on it. Go ahead. It's okay....or just look at the pretty picture to the right. Same, same, danielsan....

If you are wondering a bit more on what is needed, or at what level to do/craft what, you can click on the "View Leveling Guide" that is just to the right of that option on the main screen.....or just look to the left to see what you will get....

Basically, it just makes life easier. A great program for those that are interested in powerleveling.


Khalior said... Reply To This Comment

Yep that's all good!
I've finally got my crap (and a ton of leftover ores) together this weekend and am currently leveling up Blacksmithing on an alt using that Shopping Calculator and it's awesome!
It helps you keep a tab on all the pricey mats, the one that are in demand and the ones that are lacking - all on one page.
I think of it as an upgraded with real time AH prices - nifty.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I cannot take the credit for finding it, I was in IRC the other day and folks were linking it around.

It's so nice to have the great programmers out there utilizing their skills to make our lives easier!

Khailor, is there a specific reason you are leveling blacksmithing versus anything else?

Khalior said... Reply To This Comment

The fantastic Faid linked it on ze Twittah, so that's how I got to try it.

As for the BS, there's a few reasons:

1-It's the only tradeskill I don't have on my account.
2-I'd like to make some money out of it (there's constant requests for BS on Trade).
3-While I do have a friend that has BS, he hasn't been reliable as of late. And I want items crafted right now, not in 24 hours.
4-That post from Xsinthis made me want to know the hardships of leveling a BS to figure out what to aim for if the PTR changes are going Live. It may sound ridiculous, but getting to know the hassles of actually doing it is knowledge I like to get first-hand.
5-I'm currently doing vanilla questing for the lore and achievements and I pick up everything. That means a lot of ore, I am flooding the AH with it, and it's not all selling, so I gotta do something with all of that.
6-I'm an Achievement whore. Account-wide achievements are on the way in MoP. You do the math! =P

So yeah a few reasons...

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Gotcha bruddah, thanks for letting me know. You are my hero! With an H!

I3ig Al said... Reply To This Comment

I used this site a bunch last week to power level my leatherworking!

I have been buying leather en masse to get a good stock of leg armors ready for patch day. I had been sending the leather to a guildie to process for me since i didnt have a LW, however I had such a high volume I felt bad about it and took the dive myself. it cost ~8k but the convenience is totally worth it.

Azz said... Reply To This Comment

Hmmm..interesting to hear everyone's view points on leveling new professions, and the specific professions. I have been considering power-leveling a BS, mostly for the same reasons as Khalior, at least for reasons 2 - 4. I currently have everything except BS and Eng, and have been wanting to do BS just to have, make some $ and not have to wait on/pester guildies.

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