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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Fall For It! How to Spot Scams and Fake Blizzard Emails

Hey folks!

Opening my mail this afternoon, I saw the most legit looking email I have gotten so far...(click the image if you don't have superman'ish vision)

There are many dead giveways that an email is NOT from Blizz. Something spelled wrong, sloppy and unclear background (see the Answer part at the top of it), sentences not written correctly, the same word doubled, and last but not least, leaving out YOUR NAME!

I have received correspondence from blizzard, and when you do, you normally have a "safe" of some sorts from your email site (mine is a little green speck'ishly looking circley square), but it will ALWAYS be addressed to the account holders name. Not just a "Greetings". Oh, and anything from a Game Master Dunarthra is a instant tell it is a fake scam email. It makes me wonder how many accounts this guy has by now.....

Recently, our great pals at Blizzard introduced a Youtube page dedicated to Customer Support (okay, it was a few years ago, but the hacked one was made in september). You can get there through the link below or direct: Blizzard Tutorial on YouTube. I am still debating if it is Gimp talking or not....maybe his neighbor.  You know what? It might even be Zoxy....One will never know!

I hope no one has fallen for this email, as it is the best I have seen so far. Blizzard is more prone to act first and ask questions later than sending an email of this type out first. You have been warned!



Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

It's amazing about most of these e-mail's and you're spot on. So many grammatical errors in most which sort of surprises me that they don't hire someone who can speak/write the language properly. For me, I am glad I use a gmail account (no I don't work for them) as it almost always weeds them out into the spam folder. Big key is to always look at the url (go ahead, mouse over and wait to see what pops up). The funniest part I see here 'Log into your account, In accordance ....' just garbage.

Kudo's for pointing out one of the 'better' one's.

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

I've actually gotten some pretty good looking ones. . I'm embarrassed to say I actually fell for one once and clicked on it. lol luckily all my virus software programs had a nervous breakdown and instantly closed my browser and forced me into a scan. Though I was completely paranoid for weeks afterward.

Best advice is to completely ignore them all, no matter how legit it looks. If blizz really wants to contact you or give you something, they know how to message you through Battlenet.

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