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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Undermine Journal- YouTube

Hey folks! Kinda here, kinda there....Not really sure where I am yet, but nonetheless, I am here for a quick post.

You have heard many folks talk about The Undermine Journal (and of course, myself) and how great it is. The king of the site has just graced us with the presence of a "how to" on the first page of his site. What to look at, how to see it, and why it is there. For once, I watched a video that didn't burn my ears.

It is by the owner/writer/coder/whathaveyou of the site
His voice doesn't want to make you look for the nearest razor to slit your wrists
Extremely informative
Doesn't drag on- it's to the point, no wishy/washy spam mess to listen through

Has to wait to see another video- only one out there so far
Does not make my computer dispense beer

From Erorus' latest post, he mentions that he will probably keep running with the video series to keep us all informed. No mention of my beer dream though....

You are my hero. Keep up the killer work bruddah.


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